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Hello all you wonderful human beings.

I have an update on my searches for a trailer for the Surthrival Trailer Project. In the hunt for the trailer I have been shopping around for a good deal. I have decided since I plan to drive around so much with the trailer I would like to have a new one so I would not have to get into any repairs right off the bat.

I've been looking around the area for a good deal and went to go look at a 7'x16' dual axle today at a local company Rocket City Trailers. The enclosed trailers they had on the lot were mostly larger at around $4,000.

Here are a few photo's:





I just was crusing Craigslist again tonight and found a similar new trailer for cheaper $3500 I just gave the gentleman a call about it and am planning to do the deal tomorrow if it checks out.

cropped-LogoV1-2.png Peace and Joy @makinstuff

Thanks for your time if you gave my project update a read for the Surthival Trailer Mark 1 Project.

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Many thanks, I'm so grateful for the platform in helping out with my project! Let's build abundance an be a light of inspiration for the world!

Here we go, I've been looking for these posts but they got lost in my feed. I straightened it out and hope to catch all the ones coming up too bud.


haha thank you my good sir! Another update tonight I just made the deal for the trailer :)

I look forward to watching your project take form.

Just found your post, instant follow and resteemed. Looking forward to seeing you future content.