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Good evening my fellow steemians!

Tonight I have a new update for the Surthrival Trailer project to present. Today I worked on mounting the 2 solar panels to the side of the trailer.

I started by tightening all the bolts that I previously attached to the hinges using a pair of vice grips and my 3/8 socket wrench.


The next step was to lift the panel/frame assembly onto the sawhorses I previously made but cut to a shorter size. I used some ratchet straps to hold the panels in place and keep them from falling if the sawhorses failed. The straps were extended with some paracord I had, and tied off to the top rail of my neighbors fence.


Here is where it definitely got a bit tricky. I had to lift the panel assembly one side at a time, insert a 2x4 as a spacer to hold the panel higher and take up the slack with my straps.


I was able to level out the panels and align all the hinges. I drilled into the angle steel and placed bolts in two of the hinges to hold them in place.


Here is the final mounted view of the panel assembly.


Thank you for your time if you checked out my update!


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