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Hello good day, everyone,
It's @prettyjules158 reporting for #wafrica from Benin City, Edo state Nigeria.

With the heart of joy, we left home going out to give out to the less privileged, it is our duty to make displaced person's happy and make the world a better place for us.

On getting to the place, we found one of the displaced persons laying dead on the ground. It was a really sad time for them. I could see the pains in their eyes, while they were crying, no hope of a befitting burial for the disease.

Some kindhearted individuals came to assist with carrying the dead body to a mortuary although we couldn't get a report for the cause of the death. We had to sympathies with them, before we started sharing the mats we bought for them.
May his soul Rest In Peace.


The big sizes was mainly for family heads, twin mother and some women that have tender children. We also gave one to the coordinator/leader of the people. The smaller sizes were given to single persons, that do not have anybody to share with.
They were all delighted to see us, and prayers was poured upon us @surfyogi @wafrica @fundition, and to you reading this post.

The goal is to give out 100 mats, 25 mosquitoe nets and 15 insect repellants. Today we started with giving 26 mats (with our current initial funds) focusing on the Blind and handicapped, and mothers with children.


Quite a number of the elderly men are blind. So they were dragging for the items. We promised to return with more and additional items like mosquito nets and insects repellent. We have already contacted the shop where we could get insecticides to buy in bulk, and cheaper rate.

We believe that helping these individuals with these items will go a long way in encouraging them to work. We can't do this alone, and your Upvote is more important to them.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this project in one way or another. Thanks to @surfyogi who have been supporting us so far. Thanks to @fundition, for creating a crowd funding platform.

Our future updates will cover netting and mosquitoe repelant distribution, as well as the remaining mats yet to purchase.

Video of this act will be uploaded soon.

Stay glued.....

Thank you all for coming around.

It’s @prettyjules158, reporting for #wafrica.


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Great work @wafrica team and thanks for presenting this post on yensesa curation party.


Which one is yenesa curation party again?.

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to say well done Jules, you are such an amazing woman.

I have loved your posts from Mission St. for months now, and the pictures are striking. Very powerful "human investment" and AID efforts, I'm so happy to lend my support.

You are the reason I started @wafrica and your updates make me so happy to see great accomplishment.


Thank you so much surf, am happy my single act made us cross path.
Thanks for your support.


Very nice of you @surfyogi, I hear so many nigerians singing praises for youand your good will, kindly extend that hand to our farm lands, if insects attack our farms and we do not fertilize our farms, the going becomes tough and not only that, if we farmers do not peoduce enough food price go up and people can not eat, now I am a student who loves to sing but how will i do all of this I go to the farm with my hoe and cutlass to farm but no funding to help our crops, nice post from @wafrica to reachout to the farmers, @wafrica and @surfyogi should reach out to us farmers too, we feed the nation and inturn train ourselves, May God continue to bless your effort sir @bestkizito just like everyone else needs your surpport, I am in a curation trail by @trevonjb thats upvotes my post twice daily but this is due to trevons goodwill, his surpporting minnows like me on steemit, i get upvoted with $0.23 to 0.34 upvotes daily and I am been put on 1% , sir my request is that you please help delegate 1k steempower so that I will receive 10% daily twice upvotes from the trail, this way I can grow my crops and feed the nation and train myself well in school, I have a passion for singing also, my goal is to succeed, I will do charity if I have sir thanks alot sir
Check this out

Am speechless right now, but the fact that am seeing this post flying to the moon is a great one for us.


Yeah it’s a plus plus for us, thank you my camera man. Lol.

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Thank you fundition.


Wow, what a great achievement, to be working with Fundition!
Thank you so much for such great guidance and support through the entire process.


Thank you for believing in this project!


I love fundition Good at heart

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This is one of the greatest charity work I have seen on the platform. Weldone @prettyjules158, this is amazing and I'm really grateful to @surfyogi for the support he has offered to make this possible.


Thanks for your support too lordjames.

@Prettyjules158 the lady after my own heart!

Great job darling. As you have made these ones your personal project, may help come to you on every side. God bless you for all that you have done.

@Surfyogi thank you for supporting this project all the way.

@Fundition thanks for lending your support.


Thank you so much ma’am.

This publication caused mixed feelings in my life, and I say this because I went out to give offerings, and suddenly you get someone who has just died, it should not be easy, the heart wrinkled in pain, but, you came out with a firm idea, to make many people happy, and really Jules, you have done an incredible and sensational job, it is really a beautiful job, and you, you are a warrior woman, you are unique, there should be many more like you, and bring joy to people who They need a helping hand so much. Congratulations Jules.
I wanted to give it a resteem because many should see this and visualize the fundamentals as the ones you promote. Thanks @fundition


you are a warrior woman, you are unique, there should be many more like you, and bring joy to people

Thanks so much dear, i had to be strong to fulfil my porpose.

Great social work @wafrica.
Keep up thats kind of good work.
Thanks for resteem sir @surfyogi.

This is great to do for the people who cannot do for themselves. “Inasmuch as you did it unto the least of these my brethren, you did it unto Me” JESUS


You are welcome!

This is entirely heartwarming. Next time you guys should do a needs assessment on them, then start a fund raising campaign here on steem. That way you're sure of more impact

God bless you


Sure, thank you dear.

@prettyjules158 you are the real deal!!!! We are behind you 100%.

Your compassion and how you have carried these people matter on your head is nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you @surfyogi for propelling us unto the right platform.

@fundition thank you for making an impact using @wafrica as a medium...


Thank you so much my great teacher..😘😘😘

This is amazing and I am very inspired by your work @prettyjules158 indeed like @surfyogi said you are a great asset for @wafrica and deserve praises. You have a very generous and kind heart .You inspired and came to my aid when I was very sick. Daddy @surfyogi we bless the good lord for you unending support. From the entire @wafrica curation team we say more grace to do more.😍


Thank you so much dear..

thanks to @fundition for this project, the world needs steem always.

Wow, this is so lovely and so wonderful to this displaced people, i know for this reason God will elevate you all, @prettyjules158 i can say this you are behind this... Thanks to @surfyogi for your great support and also @fundition for been surportive nice work


Amen, thanks Segun.

This is what we call exceptional. God bless you @prettyjules158

such great act by a great Lady
Thanks so much for blessing the heart of many


There is a Christian song that says - The Spirit of God in the heart of man is something more than gold. @prettyjules158 thanx for this great 'evangelical movement.' God bless you and your team.


Thanx @surfyogi for the upvote. I really appreciate.

It is way better to give than to receive....giving to the less privileged opens doors to more blessing..

This is indeed an act of inspiring the less priviliged and putting a stop to their struggles and pains...

I want us all to be encouraged by this kind gesture and try to give back to our society in any way possible for the development and progress of our nation at large...
Thanks and God bless!!!

Great project big sister you are a motivation to us God bless you @prettyjules158


Amen, thank you so much dear.

I pray that God blesses every human with the kind of heart that you have.

This is incredible to improve the situation the general population who can't improve the situation themselves. God favor you

@wafrica wow !! #wafrica you are really doing a amazing Work. I loved your this great Step. Salute to you #wafrica .

happy to see you your work mam @wafrica 👍
you are doing a wonderful work for Internally displaced people. 😊
Salute you for this mam.

Keep it up @chiama.

Nice work bro