Fundition Could Fund The Future Of Education

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In 2018, there are an increasing number of industries that are looking towards crowdfunding as a means to crowdfund their projects. It is not surprising to see education to be one of such industries. Upon looking up some academic research, I have found an article by Gao, Lim & Yim (2018) who stated the use of crowdfunding project has helped students and teachers alike. Gao, Lim & Yim even went on to describe its use in improving the students' academic performance as well. The same is applicable to Fundition in potentially changing the lives of the next generation in terms of education.

Fundition? You Mean Fund-Education?

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Fundition is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that facilitates the funding of projects. Fundition also allows for collaborators to come on board projects to help in making them a reality. Fundition, unlike conventional crowdfunding platforms has a few advantages. For one, it is far faster as it is built on the Steem blockchain. That way, founders of projects can bypass lengthy bureaucracy and paperwork to get their projects out to the masses and call for support.

As an educator, getting support quick and bypassing paperwork is a dream come true. In many meetings, we educators have to fight over a small portion of funding allocated to us by the government. Such funding are often not enough and we are often informed too late. As such, Fundition makes for a great way to call for support to help make projects a reality. Some of these projects can actually save lives.

One of the biggest fatalities in education is during water activities. I remember one headmaster lamenting the fact that if his teachers were trained in life-saving, a particular tragedy that happened at school could be avoided. I remember taking it upon myself to train my future teachers for this. Unfortunately, funding could never be approved. I wished I knew about Fundition then and coincidentally, there is a great project on free swimming lessons being funded there.

Proof Of Merit

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The other interesting feature of Fundition is its Proof Of Merit system. Crowdfunding on the Steemit platform is great but you either need a large number of supporters or some whales to fund your project. I remember doing the same asking for help on a project that I was doing. While I enjoyed the support, it was not enough. Fundition however allows for all to participate regardless if you are a plankton, a minnow or a whale.

Do check out a project on building a sports plaza for children. The backing and donations are phenomenal and I know of many rural schools who are in need of even basic electricity. A fundition project that mirrors the success of the sports plaza would enable the school to buy solar panels. I think proof of merit will definitely be a great model because of some really great people on Steemit. I have seen people crowdfund for medical bills and this is made possible because of the rather charitable nature of Steemians.

Fundition Needs Your Support

Fundition and future education projects can be made possible if there is support from more Steemians. Granted, you may just be a minnow or even a plankton. However, with proof of merit, your contribution counts and can be used to back and fund projects that can not only change a life but even save it.

I think it is likely that we will find many other platforms in the future who will be following in the model employed by Fundition. However, one thing that Fundition has is existing projects that are already benefiting from the platform. So, do head on over to the sites and groups below. If you are on , do head on to the education projects, there are many who can use your heart power.

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Sites & Groups


Gao, Q., Lin, M., & Yim, D. (2018). Inspiration Through Perspiration: Educational Impact of Online Charitable Crowdfunding.

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Ya, I am thinking to help my secondary school for hostel funding too. Now only need to gather all the information for next steps

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You really need a great project write up and constant updates and if you want to , we can work together to make it happen


Ya, seems need a lot of work to get it done. Sure bro... we see how after BBS

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Really good angle on this, showing how decentralised crowdfunding can be a real game changer. Especially the point about cutting out the bane of just about everyone's lives when dealing with bureaucracy - F'in paperwork!


I know man... I don't mind paperwork but really,sometimes it gets a bit too much.. Its a bit like proving to others that you are trying to do something. In the end you focus so much on paperwork, nothing gets done with the project

I'm starting to build my own enthusiasm for this idea. I can think of a few areas in Taiwan that could be helped by Fundition.


Hey there! Met some really nice people from Taiwan at a conference lately and yes, while talking to them I shared about Steemit,I'm sure there's so much Fundition can do too to make it a reality!

Wow, Fundition sounds like a great thing on the Blockchain. Thanks for sharing @alvinauh ;)

Count me in for a full powered upvote to Support it :)


Thanks man! Yeah, Fundition is really good and with a solid project, will throw their support in too