Bringing the vocational program to the 5th day has been quite an adventure, everyday there has been improvements, achievements and new challenges. today been the 5th day of our vocational training is dedicated for PRACTICALS, where the teenagers are allowed to put in practice what they've been taught.


  • CULINARY CLASS : Doughnut making and
  • BAGS AND SHOES CLASS: Practicals on clutch purse, tote bags and sandals
  • GRAPHICS CLASS : tips for creating a business card and practicals
  • PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS : Practicals on pictures production


Beach making was the final side attraction on the 5th day of our vocational program and it was taken by @stevendion who lectured the teenagers on safety, precautions and measurements that should be taken in bleach making. He listed the materials and the quantity of water needed to ensure accuracy.The students weren't allowed to make practicals from the chemicals for safety purposes, they all watched, write and learn
. Many of the teenagers who asked questions and wanted to make a business out of it were given mode of operations and ways on how to earn or start up a business using the acquired skills.

- CULINARY CLASS : doughnut making and students practicals

Today's culinary class treated doughnut making, the facilitator taught them on measurement, procedures and materials for making delicious doughnuts. The doughnuts making didn't take much time as expected before it was ready.
The facilitator divided works among all the students, each students was given tasks to complete.They were grouped into different sections with each group asked to make cakes and doughnuts to see how far they have gone throughout the trainings. The excitement could be felt as most of them were eager to show their skills.

- BAGS AND SHOES CLASS: Practicals on

clutch purse, tote bags and sandals
The students were are close to perfect in making bags and shoes, many of them had started making their own bags and sandals for sale in their neighborhood. some of them made sandals for their siblings and also for school.
@steemhelpinghands provided materials to every students for practicals, each student was asked to make what he or she learnt well during the bag and shoe making class.

- PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS : practicals on pictures production

The photography class has been on practicals from the first day of the program, today the worked on pictures production.
The facilitator taught them on producing a good and flawless picture, all the students were allowed to work with the camera to create their pictures.

GRAPHICS CLASS : tips for creating a business card and practicals.

The graphic class ended their lectures with practicals. The facilitator taught them tips needed in creating business cards after which he gave them task to perform. They were asked to create a simple business card before the end of the days activities.

So far, everything was successful.. The final day which is day 6 is the exhibition day, where the students will invite their parents and guardians to see and buy all they have done and practiced on since day 1 of the vocational trainings, the funds will be given back to the students as an example of making business on their own.

Next on day 6 there would be :

  • seminars for parents and teenagers
  • Products and food Exhibition
  • Ballet dance
  • products sale
  • and lunch party

stay tuned updates for day 6 coming up next.


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