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today is the 2nd day of our vocational training, using this medium to raise young, vibrant, and independent generations with dreams of impacting the society.
the activities for the day are :

  • photography : posting and how to bring on the flash light
  • Graphic designing: skills and practical aspects on core draw
  • Bag and shoe class: Envelope purse
  • culinary class : Butter cream icing
  • Liquid soap making.

SPEECH : Godfidence

The day began with a speech by Mrs kelani omolara, she spoke on GODFIDENCE which she defined as full confidence in God. she made them know more on how to believe in themselves and overcome fear and standing out. she used her life as a reference and answered questions from the students on how to gain confidence in the midst of multitude.

PHOTOGRAPHY : posting and how to bring on the flash light.

the photography class was practically fun with each student wanting to partake in taking shots of objects around them. the facilitator taught them how to post and positions to take when taking shots, he also explained more about the parts and functions of a camera especially how to bring on flash lights during posting.
They took pictures of their surroundings and things around them.

GRAPHIC DESIGNING: skills and practical aspects on core draw.

the graphics class has been going smoothly even with less participants.
today they were taught practical aspects on core draw and designs, the facilitator brought complimentary cards and business cards as examples for the students to use as practicals.

BAG AND SHOE CLASS: Envelope purse

there has been massive improvements ,to our surprising the bag making students went home to make their purses and bags, most of which needed finishing touches..
This served as a sign of improvements among the teenagers.

CULINARY CLASS :Butter cream icing

finishing touches was made on the cakes baked during the last class. the finishings is called butter cream icing, the cakes were decorated with floral like cream , giving them a perfect look of cupcakes..
the students were lectured on quantities or measurement of materials used in making butter cream icing, each student was given opportunity to participate in the cakes decoration.


the liquid soap making class was taken by @stevendion , he gave the rules and preventing measures to be taken during soap making, he lectured the students on how to get the accurate measurements of chemicals and water during liquid soap making, he was assisted by @thomasgift and @charlesrecycler who gave answers to the questions delivered by the students.
steemhelpinghands provided snacks to the students and facilitators after the days event.

It was an eventful and successful day, the students look forward to day 3 so do we.
stay tuned updates for day 3 coming up next.

Massive appreciation to:

and everyone who donated, upvoted and resteemed.


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Wow nice work guys😇😇😇😇😇

Thank you ... Steem on :)

I am more interested in the Corel draw aspect of it. This is great! Believe me. But I want to recommend few things to you. Just from my own little experience in the graphics industry. Let them concentrate and know the rudiments of color collage,uses of each tool,bkending backgrounds, how to use fonts and how to know where they are needed, cutting out picture background with biezer tool and image adjustements with corel draw. Corel Draw is still one of the best and amazing softwares for graphics artiste. Also, let them be groomed about printing process (Large scale). From plat to impression and all other printing process.There is huge money in graphics design but there is more when you know about printing as well.

Thanks for listening to your little boy. I am Michael Jerry, C.E.O. Mickey Graphics.
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Thanks @michealjerry0 for your contribution, its just a week vocational training and its barely enough to learn all you have listed..all they can learn for now are the basics and they can futher more in future.. thanks

Hmm. Wished could have been much longer. But you have done really great!

Awesome work being carried out here by @steemhelpinghand. In such a country where alot of its citizens depend solely on White Collar Job which they aren't getting, it's expedient for them to have traded on this path which you @steemhelpinghand have made available to them. Thanks again for your generosity.

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Good work by the @steemithelpinghand team!!

We would not be this far, without your support sir, thank you!!

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