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Update on our one week vocational program day 4.
Today's program had a new chapter in all classes, the activities for the day were :

  • CULINARY CLASS : meatpie
  • BAG AND SHOE CLASS: Tote bag
  • GRAPHICS CLASS : Logo and business card
  • PHOTOGRAPHY : Practicals on photography

SPEECH : Boys, girls and sex.. Setting your priorities right

The beginning of the program as usual started with an interactive session with the teenagers, the topic today was Boys, girls and sex. Setting your priorities right by Mr. Madu egwumba. He is a partner of LOGIN (Love of God in all nations) foundation a NGO organization. He lectured deeply to the teenagers about sex and attractions between opposite sex many of the teenagers were reluctant to answer few questions due to timidity.
Mr Madu asked questions about sex and at what age can a girl have a boyfriend or a relationship, this brought laughter and timidity amongst most teenage girls.. Many gave answers of 18years, 21years, 25years and even 14years of age, the interactive sessions with the teenagers was very delicate and deep that it took two hours of our time.


The culinary class today made a change of menu.. Today they learnt how to make meatpie. The facilitator taught them about mixing the flour, dicing the beef, the necessary ingredients and quantity needed in making a perfect nutritious meatpie..
She gave the list of the materials needed and their quantity, each with their weight.
The meatpie making didn't take so much time in preparation, and was taken to the oven for perfection.
The students were given opportunity to make a meatpie each as a practical work.


The bags and shoes making class surely has the most creative students among all, today they made a Tote bag.
The students improvements on this specific class was awesome and surprising, many of them were already making bags and sandals like professionals, the facilitator didn't spend much time teaching much before they made their own bags.

GRAPHICS DESIGNING CLASS: Logo and business card

Today, the graphics class treated a new topic on logo and business card designing, the students were taught on how to make measurements in creating a business card and how to design logos.
The facilitator also provided the necessary softwares and materials needed to create a logo or a business card, giving the students more insight on graphic designing. They were allowed to practice how to design different business cards on the computer system, many of them went on creating multiple which was a sign of improvements.

PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS : Practicals on photography

The students continued what they were taught on day 3, they practiced more on taking pictures with their environment and people around them..
Most of them could make good post even at this short duration of learning.

stay tuned updates for day 5 coming up next.

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