Meetup Activity Announcement and Participants

The date for the second steemSTEM meetup, this time at the Virgo Labs in Italy, is drawing closer. And as preparations come to an end, we’re announcing the final list of participants and details about the activities planned for the 20th to 22nd of September, 2018!

Participants of the Utopian meetup will join us everyday except for the first one, as their hackathon is still going on at that time. We’re looking forward to getting to know each other and strengthening the alliance between the two projects.

20th, 19:00, Dinner in Florence

21st, 10:00 – 13:45, Visit of Virgo Labs

21st, 13:45 – 14:45, Lunch at the EGO canteen

21st, Afternoon, Tour through Pisa

21st, 19:00, Dinner in Pisa

22nd, 13:00, Lunch in Florence

22nd, 15:00, Natural History Museum Florence

22nd, 19:00, Dinner in Florence

You missed your chance to sign up for this meetup? Don’t worry, this will likely not be the last one! Enjoy reading the posts about this meetup after it ended, and pay attention to when the next one is announced.

Thank you all for being part of the steemSTEM community!


Someone up there tried really hard to prevent me from attending. But I'm more stubborn than any mythical force.

Will we eventually meet or not? I need my daily dose of German humour :D

Sounds like an awesome trip. Hope everyone has a great time!

I assume we will all have a great time! And hopefully, we will broadcast plenty of pictures :D

Hmm, it seems too late for me. Oh well, I'm going to participate the next meet up. Hopefully, it would be sometimes around early next year.

Maybe in 6 months? :D

Would've loved to be part of the team at Pisa. I would also wish to have a white unicorn :)
Go steemstem and utopian. We are cheering for you from here deep inside Africa :D

Why a rhino, the sole real unicorn in this world? You will miss us! :)

I'd manage a white giraffe :)
I'd surely miss this, but I'm banking on the 4K video livestream of events :)

I need to see one! :D

Make your next African trip Kenya and you may just run into one :)

No, it will be South Africa: Dec 2-18 :)

Well that's just 4800km, approximately 3000 miles, away :)

Still closer than my usual location :D

I look forward to the next meetup. Hopefully, some stemng guys would be represented there :)

Have fun guys

You should be there. But getting a visa from you country looks like a real nightmare :/

It is a nightmare :D

Hey team,

This is really gonna be glorious. Awesome team., awesome people. Wish I would be there. Whatever, I wish you guys all the best and wonderful stay. Resteemed.

We are about to meet,,,, very very very soon. I am in my room in Florence, still working a little bit, but then I will join the others.

Good luck sir

They were the ones needing luck, in fact :D

Nice one guys! I'm looking forward to organizing my own in Paris and New York soon. Can't wait! Enjoy and have fun guys.

Paris? Do you know some other steemstem members are from Paris too? :D

Really? I don't know

Best wishes to everyone participating! Have a blast! :D

We will, for sure! Hopefully you will be there with us for the next one ;)

Hopefully i will ! :3

I dream to attend at least the next meetup! :) Have fun my dear friends... <3

We will make your dreams come true, hopefully!

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Thanks for your logistic support.i'll try to also ...

I beg your pardon?

Have fun, people. Florence is certainly a very good place to meet. I've been there in 2000 and enjoyed the rich culture of architecture, art and food.

If one of you needs an insider tip for another vacation near Florence, I can recommend Castel Franko di Sopra, it's about 40 kilometers far from Florence and a real gem. We booked an apartment back then tagged as "agricultural vacation home". I hope, those people still run that beautiful place. Its a little up hill and you need some driving skills.

Greetings from Hamburg!

I hope some from those who stayed longer have seen this comment. I unfortunately didn't have much time to enjoy the city, but I did my best with the time I had :)

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