Introducing Members of the Meetup!

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As September looms over the aging, derelict month of August, the reality of the SteemSTEM/Utopian meetup is becoming, well, more real than it was before.

We thought it would, therefore, be a cool idea to relate more tangibly with the awesome people who are actually going! So I asked around and found three members (more to come!) to introduce themselves in today's post - however, they feel like it - and if anybody has any questions about them, drop 'em in the comments and see what you may discover there!

First and foremost, our resident Debunker has a tale to tell:


Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, there he was born. One to rule them all...oh. Wait. Wrong story.

As the tale goes, there once was a boy, foolish enough to venture forth into the mysterious depths of pseudo-science and dangerous beliefs. Misguided by his own kin, many years he was lost without proper orientation. Bought every lie he was told.

Eventually, he met a mentor who revealed the most painful of all truths to him: everything he believed so far was no more than a fairy tale. But instead of mourning about his lost purpose he gathered new strength, some would even call it a grim determination: with his mentor's help, he melted his mind, crushed every last fake belief he once held - and forged everything anew.

Sharp like a razor, but at the same time durable like the Hulk's green skin, the once foolish boy had now grown into a dangerous weapon, focusing only to destroy any kind of ill-belief without mercy.

Although the boy was still struggling to determine his true and final purpose in life, he found at least some fulfillment in this new fight. Whatever the future might bring, he was willing to face every obstacle and challenge which may occur - gathering both knowledge and strength along the way. As long as he lived, he would always fight.

Next up, a poetically haunting prose about:


Born and grew up at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Dedicated the first part of her life to correct the error the statistical randomness of the universe made. The rest of her life will be therefore filled with pure hedonism and indulgence. Allies are welcome. No time to waste.

Ambitious and aspiring towards many areas of life, including science. PhD degree was only collateral. Served the purpose of a one-way ticket though.

Enjoys spending time outdoors, cannot live without regular physical activity and deep conversations with very few people she cares for in her life. Has a profound passion for traveling and discovering wonders of nature and architecture, which should always be complemented by indulgence in high quality, carefully prepared food. Because life is one and life is now, nothing comes after, just eternal darkness.

Her message to the world can be summed up in a quote of one extraordinary scientist:

By all means let's be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.
Richard Dawkins

Throughout history, we were able to witness devastating consequences of extreme close-mindedness for mankind, over and over again. Caution should be taken before we lose ourselves in the other extreme end of the spectrum, if it's not too late already.

Finally, all about the all-out altruist and voluntary taxpayer:


Born in a family of STEM enthusiasts, raised with the concept of altruism and civism.

Taught entrepreneurship since the early years, became a passionate computer enthusiast, made first money at 14 in Webdesign. Gave it all to his younger cousin to buy a computer so she can become a designer, which she later did. Likes to know how everything works, from the potato peeler to jet engines to genetics and to government policies and people.

With a degree in programming and a passion for aerospace, he started working in a startup, whose mission is to provide affordable aviation services to the developing countries. Started working with 3D engines and shaders and stepped into AutoCAD and 3ds max. Worked as a one-man-team for a few years.

Certified as an Air Traffic Controller Trainer by the company, met and made friends around the world, understanding that we are all the same, human beings with needs, emotions, goals and existential problems.

Started out to solve some of them, starting with education which is the key for a successful individual development and social/civic awakening.

Came to Steem to distribute the abundance we take for granted in some of our countries, while others only dream of the idea of it

So there you have it!

The forces of evil have colluded to align the gravitational waves from a supernova somewhere to your left in a way that allows these three deviants to attend the SteemSTEM/Utopian meetup ONE MONTH FROM NOW.

Let's hope they don't destroy each other like the anti-matter particles of society they are.

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@mobbs, you should've put my photo first, to shine as a thumbnail, and not of this ugly guy @egotheist, who is THAT ugly he can't even show his face...


Ouch! I do hope you guys have a fun time at the meetup, looking forward to all the reports.



Thank you very much @terrylovejoy!!!


As long as I still get the right girls with that face, I can't complain.
¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯


Lol.... Nice point



Is he really ugly or just a private and scary dude



once foolish boy had now grown into a dangerous weapon

A weapon of sarcastic destruction. Our man @egotheist; as intelligent and sarcastic as a fuck :p

The trio of @egotheist, @scienceangel, and @alexdory together in one meetup - it's gonna be one hell of fun. You guys have been part of a great team. Y'all rock.

Steemstem meetup issaaaa goallll!!!


Florence, get ready, here we come! XD


Thanks a lot. We will try our best to contribute to the good ideas already set in motion.
If you have more ideas, you can share them with me or write them on #ideas-room on Discord.

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I'm jealous I won't be able to make it! You'll surely have great fun!


I'm jealous I won't
Be able to make it! You'll
Surely have great fun!

                 - ruth-girl

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


You're jealous? Lol.


Yeah I am! It's holidays abroad and I can't go :(


Oh... Aiit

This is great. Welldone

It's definitely going to be a bang

Goodluck guys. We pray for the success of the programme!


Great opinions on the individuals. Represent well guys. All the best.

STEM contributor

Am I a member?


Hoolah! There's a meet-up in Florence and I didn't even know... Hmm... I've stayed far for too long. Probably counting the days till I got back to the community...

Goodluck to you guys.... Have a blast! ...and most importantly, represent us well😄😄


I miss you

As long as he lived, he would always fight

Love this part, @egotheist, always unique in a funny way.

It is very cool to know more about you guys, @scienceangel, @alexdory and @egotheist. You guys rock big time, and continue your great work for this wonderful community guys, @steemstem


Is @egotheist a magician? :)
Awesome. We are patiently waiting for the livestream in 4k :)

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It is going to an awesome experience

God protect and guide you all and have fun because I want to read plenty of meet-up posts