Rescheduling Exhibition for March/April 2019 - An Update on Bolyartsi Project

Greetings, friends!

Coming with an update on the first part of our project.

News from local sponsor Valentin Petrov is we need to reschedule the Exhibition for March or April 2019 instead of February. Personal funds go into this unless we crowdfund enough (and we're at about 10% of that yet). So a delay is to be expected.

The exhibition I am talking about will conclude Stage One

Later than initially desired, for objective reasons.

Here is the plan in short:

Stage One
is about introducing new social and artistic perspectives to a small community - one of countless such in Bulgaria and in the world as a whole. The purpose is to engage people in more interesting initiatives where they live. Our first village is Bolyartsi where a photo exhibition is being prepared.

Stage Two
in Bolyartsi village will be preparing and empowering people living there to continue our artistic and social work through lectures, practice and projects to work on together. One of those will be an album which has been started on by @manoldonchev and is about to be continued by local talents.


Recent changes

The rescheduling for a later month.

Cutting down the number of images to print for the exhibition for three major reasons:

  • Only the best remain - the Total was reduced to 60 for now. That's still high for most exhibitions;
  • Reducing printing costs;
  • Coherency - an exhibition cannot be infinitely large and at the same time good for the audience.

All of those are important.

One of the ways to not overload but keep some of the series we deem worth it is to combine some of the images into story boards like the previous one I shared and this new one:


I also thought about this one:


But almost immediately decided against it. The photos will stand good separately and are not too many. The board did not look that great, anyway. But those attempts still take time and work.

What do you think? Separate 6 or only the largest of those images standing alone and the rest staying together?

A Bonus Reward

for backers joining this month is this calendar in PDF, offered by @manoldonchev to supporters and backers of a personal project as well. A new one coming for each month.

###Ready to claim
Are also the files from this gallery where you may find the e-mail to write to. Supporters @fundition, @hendrikdegrote and @sndbox may do it whenever they choose. Their files are just an e-mail and a link away.

Waiting on...

Raising enough funds to begin printing. Outside the blockchain and inside - whenever both ends meet. Some outside factors are still unclear.
First videos post-production;
Experienced curator taking a part;
Live meetings with potentially involved talents on a national scale;
Local participants sending more entries for their own participation in the coming up exhibition...

But the more support we find here, the more we get closer to expanding this project on a larger scale and eventually influencing more communities!

So we more than ever rely on your Thoughts and your Donations. You can make a difference!

Thanks for reading!


Manol Donchev from PhotoAnthill

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