People Inspired by People - An Update on Bolyartsi Project

Happy New Year! Lots of good things allowing more good things for all of you!

Last time I wrote about people outside our project being engaged and becoming part of it in their own way and I think this is growing. Last post last year was about art drawing inspiration from the photographs we made in a most ordinary village.

The question

Can the most ordinary help us create extraordinary? Is it enough if we just take a look around? I feel it's quite fitting that I write about this now since it is also about how we take a look at life. And the project is also about that. Changing perspectives. Step by step.


A new example

Of a drawing being made based on the portrait of a very intriguing old woman. We'll be looking for her again...



Art work by @silviyashoseva A.K.A. Silviya Shoseva

Be inspired! It's all around us.


Manol Donchev from PhotoAnthill

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