Name That Dish : ) : )

in fun •  2 years ago

                                      Okay Everyone  I call this 

                               FUN TIME  :)  :) 

             Everyone use your imagine , No Right or Right answer

                           What do you all think this is a picture of  ?

          Be very interesting to see where our Imaginations can led us :) 

                They say that our Brain is a very Powerful Tool . 

       So Come on let's have a little Fun and Laughs Together  :) :) 

                          GO STEEMIT  :)  :)    

              Thank you @enjoywithtroy for the TiTle  ::))  

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I would have no idea - Spaghetti or onions maybe I would call it name that dish I almost looks like it has two eyes or a face LOL - Thanks - Troy


Lol Thanks @enjoywithtroy :) Great Title Name :) I will change it :)) I agree to me it looks like a worm or something


That's because it's an owl :)

Totally an owl


umm I see that too :))

Cake batter? Or muffin batter? What is it!!??


cookie batter that my hubby was making, it was Healthy cookies :)

Cake mix lol


You got it @Karenb54 ::))

Are you still out there? Are you ok?