Time to find some Treasure!!

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So now that I'm with brother and his family, Bro is planning some fun activities for us. Tomorrow, we have decided to go to a simple lunch in a local resort and then the organizers are going to initiate a small treasure hunt game for us. The resort is small however, the vicinity has a small forest like area back side of it and that is where we are going for the hunt. Unfortunately, to have complete fun and not to get carried away with technology, using mobiles or cameras are completely prohibited at the time of the game. And that's why I'm unable to post another post about it with my own pics. Maybe I can take my smart phone and click few snaps after the hunt is over. Let's see. The price to the person who finds the chest is $100 worth of house hold utensils or electric items, whichever they need and there will be consolation prices too.

first of all, they are going to explain us instructions regarding rules and other important issues, secondly, they are going to divide us in to teams with 2 members in each team. And then, they would give us a small map with each instruction in different language or in numbers. We need to decode the map and check the co-ordinates, solve simple puzzles for answers. It would be very fun and exciting I already know that much. Hope I would at least win a consolation to hope for the worst lol.

So, what are your plans for the vacations ??

Thanks for visiting.

pics: pixabay.com


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