FUN FRIDAY 2: The rare bird that only performs for Steemit!

in fun •  2 years ago

steemit duck

Steemit Duck was so chuffed that @creationlayer wanted to buy him after his first performance, that he decided to do another show for you today.

As you may remember, this little bird only performs when we talk about Steemit?!?

I know it has been a few months since his last performance but he needed some duck-down-time to recuperate after his first show in over 10 years.

Steemit Duck has even written a song for you to sing along. Please join in!

Dan and Ned they have a blockchain
zero, one, zero, one, zero
and on that blockchain they have a blog
Steem Power, Steem, Steem Dollar
With an upvote here and the odd flag there
Here a post, there a comment, everywhere an upvote
Ned and Dan they have a blog
Quack, quack, Steemit rocks, quack!

Once again, another flawless performance by the Steemit Duck. Thanks for watching.

No animals were harmed in the making of this video

Have a good weekend.

Thanks to @jason for his help.


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Why you are donot update post after 8month @sandra? Are you sick?