Roused v. 2.0 -- Back from my Summer Pause

in fun •  3 months ago

After a year of rather intense activity on Steemit I decided to take a break for a couple of months. During that time I tried to check my feed at least once a week and read some posts. I left a few comments, but basically I was off the platform for a couple of months. I didn't check the price of Steem, but I could tell from my own upvote that things had taken a negative turn.

The evaporation of financial incentives made my @roused v2.0 decision easier to formulate. This year I plan to simply take it easy, have a little fun, and keep it short. So with that in mind, here's a quick video I put together after seeing Theressa May dancing in Africa -- it caused me think of a classic Seinfeld episode ;-)

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Welcome roused, it's good to have you back! :-) No matter whether short or long posts, the main thing is you enjoy it here again.

The video is very amusing!


Thanks @vieanna !

I think instead of political debates the candidates should have a dance-off ;-)

mr. @roused is back! hell yeah:)