A Rocking 80s New Year

in #fun5 years ago (edited)

Nothing Conveys New Years Eve more than Times Square in New York City.

And for some reason I feel the same way about 80s Rock. So I came up with the idea of making some music videos that simulate a giant video screen on Times Square with live performances of 80s Rock.

My New Years gift you you, take the HDMI plug out of your DVD player and stick it into you laptop or tablet. Then watch this video on your flatscreen TV with the volume turned up and dance out 2018.

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year, Roused! It has been a pleasure and an opener of horizons to know you here in the strange digital realm of internet!

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, and thanks for making Steemit a place worth visiting with your humor, art, insights, and creativity!

Happy New Year!

And a very Happy New Year to you too, this year on steemit has been quite a ride! ;-)

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