Todays Question does Trump allow the Democrats to release the response Memo?

in fun •  9 months ago

Please my Republican friends, pay attention to the time lines and verifiable falsehoods.

  1. The Dossier and investigation was originally Republican Opposition research until Trump won the nomination.

  2. Carter Page was under investigation under a Warrant Prior to the democrats taking over the Fusion GPS Dossier investigation

  3. George Panagopulus is the reason the original investigation was opened after our allies consulate divulged
    that he had told a member of the Ausstralian Foreign Service he had met them early in the campaign to discuss lifting sanctions....

Our country is being undermined, by people who do not believe in the tenents of this nation, the freedoms and liberties it gives all, the checks and balances, and the rule of law....

Those who do not protect everyones rights and make sure that everyone is informed are not endevouring to make America great.

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Thank you to Geoff Strickler

My copy reader!!!!!