My New Heavy Bikes Collection @raza786

in fun •  2 years ago 

Hello steemitianz!
I hope you are all happy and fit.
Today i am gonna to show u my heavy bikes collection.
Don't laugh they can beat you in race.

New Edition


One wheeling

WARNING! Do not try this stunt




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upvote...nice..and thanks for following me!

nice i vote u


Very funny indeed. Your collection is awesome.

Thank u

Que lindas!

Ride safely!


nice bike!! good! 😄

Thanks for the followed.

haha nice bikes

I am happy that you like it

does it just look like its floating above the table surface, or is it really floating in the picture?

LOL, looks fun

Jajaja This post seems funny and very original. I like it!

Good collection

wow...very nice!!!

WOW nice bikes FUN FUN!

Wowwww.... Small