Being Silly with Lewis and Mason.

in fun •  6 months ago

Being silly with Lewis and Mason

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook Messenger yesterday and accidentally entered the Facebook 📷 . The camera just happened to be loaded with all sorts of fun filters. I spend the majority of my time on the blockchain immersed in crypto, so I didn't know these existed. I may have laughed a bit to hard at these .

After having a grand ole time myself ... I invited the twins to come josh around with me.

Joshing around: to joke or kid around.

I was laughing so hard my face started hurting. My oldest son came in and said " what is wrong with you guys?!?!". Nothing was wrong...I was just having the most enjoyable of times. A good laugh is great medicine .

These silly boys (such hams)

I hope this gave you a good laugh too :grinning:

All the Love ❤


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