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watch transport and get excited to enjoy the beach adventures
the sea is beautiful, but we must also take precautions when bathing because the waves can be very strong and if we do not know how to swim, we do not stray far from the coast ... The sea has components that sometimes cause conditions such as power of sea salt. These are some things like seeing if the sea is rocky and we can submerge since the hail could cause serious damage in feet or rasyuños. keep in mind that if this happens there are home emergencies where the same nature helps the healing of a pricked hedgehog, the hot human urine is placed on the affected part and this stops, as it produces a type of fever, so it does not it happens that it is applied in this way. another is to put sunscreens according to their skin, suitable swimsuits, children with inflatable lifesavers preferably braces or chest type, they are good for different times or for each taste although some are more specialized than others choose the most suitable one. Here are some tips to enjoy the trip and try some of these points.

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