Working on my Lira Skills! ❤️

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I love all kinds of aerial sports. Lira is a new skill I have been working on. The lira is a metal hoop suspended in air. You can learn how to do cool tricks on the lira. I've really enjoyed the lira even though it gives me a lot of bruises on my legs and arms. (Metal is not very forgiving)

snap (77).jpg

I took a beginner's class the other day. Here are the results of the class! Watch the short flow I came up with in class. I hope you enjoy it.

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Looks fun. Happy thursday!

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Hy LIRE, here comes Karen...Get ready

I think practicing the Lira skills needs a very soft padding underneath in case of accidental falls @karensuestudios

Ohh great idea!! ❤️

That looked so much fun!