❤️A hike on Mt. Tamalpais with @acromott & @teamsteem

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One of my favorite hikes was exploring Mr. Tamapais with @acomott and @teamsteem. Once you make it to the top, you get a grand overview of the bay area! What a site to see.

snap (79).jpg

I enjoy hikes and fresh air. It looks like @teamsteem does too! Look how happy he is standing on top of the world!

snap (81).jpg

Watch out @dtube video to see how our adventure went. Thanks for joining us!

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▶️ DTube

Hey!! That's near me. I have been there before! Spectacular site. Love that place. Thanks for sharing your adventures!
Love your channel.
Bay Area rocks!! Yay!

Ohh awesome! Where are you from?

Mountain goat


Looked like a great day for a hike, very clear for the awesome view at the top!

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Have fun, see you at Steemfest!

aww thanks for letting me know! I'll keep it in mind! hehehe yup that silly mountain goat.