100 Things To Do On The Weekend Or In Your Free Time

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The weekend is right here and we can’t wait to enjoy it. Don’t have any plans? Don’t worry. This post will help you.

When I was younger, I used to say “I have nothing to do” a lot of times. Growing up, I found so many things to do with my time I wished the day had more than 24 hours! I compiled a list of 100 things you can do in the weekend, or whenever you have free time.

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1.Go to the cinema or theater
2. Watch a movie at home
3. Binge watch TV shows
4. Rate a Movie or TV Show on IMDb
5. Write a Movie/Tv Show review
6. Watch YouTube/Dtube/DLive videos
7. Do a piece of artwork
8. Workout at home or Go to the Gym
9. Read a book
10. Listen to music
11. Find a new artist or song to listen to
12. Learn a new instrument or practice one you already know
13. Be with your Family
14. Play with your pets
15. Play with your children/nephews/nieces, ...
16. Try a new recipe
17. Bake a cake or desert
18. Try being vegan for a day (if you’re not vegan)
19. Recycle
20. Learn a new language
21. Help someone - your neighbor, family, friends or a stranger
22. Leave nice comments to people on social media
23. Change your wardrobe season (e.g. winter clothes to spring clothes)
24. Give away clothes to charity
25. Look at old photos and videos

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26. Play videogames
27. Play board or card games
28. Relax, Rest or sleep
29. Meditate
30. Enjoy your own company
31. Have a massage or go to a Spa
32. Write a Steemit post
33. Record a video
34. Do Housework
35. Start or continue writing a story or novel
36. Write a poem
37. Work on your projects
38. Redecorate your house
39. Get yourself a treat
40. Dance
41. Have a bath
42. Try new makeup
43. Get your nails done
44. Pamper yourself / Take care of yourself
45. Learn something new
46. Chat with online friends
47. Chat with offline friends
48. Go on a Discord community
49. Download and try a new app
50. Write a list of to-do things

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51. Plan your week/weekend
52. Learn how to sing or improve your singing
53. Sing
54. Change your haircut or hair color
55. Write a letter or email to someone
56. Do something romantic
57. Plan your next holiday/getaway
58. Ask people about their childhood stories
59. Teach your dog a new trick
60. Print old photos
61. Make a moodboard with things that inspire you
62. Compliment someone
63. Order pizza in
64. Make a wishlist
65. Make a resolution or goals list
66. Create playlists with songs you like
67. Make a list of places you’ve traveled to and places you’d want to travel to.
68. Do some DIY
69. Do some gardening
70. Read newspaper
71. Go for a coffee or tea shop
72. Have a barbecue or food outside
73. Go to a restaurant
74. Go out for drinks
75. Have your friends or family coming over for a meal or coffee/tea

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76. Go for a walk with or without your dog, if you have one
77. Go jogging
78. Ride a bike
79. Go Roller Skate/ Skate
80. Go to the beach
81. Take pictures of things you never noticed before
82. Help on a Charity or Do Volunteer work
83. Do a photoshoot of yourself or your family
84. Travel to a city or place nearby
85. Do tourism in your own city
86. Meet with friends
87. Go clothes shopping
88. Go to the grocery store
89. Go to a gadget shop
90. Go to the park
91. Have a picnic
92. Go camping
93. Go to a music festival or a concert
94. Sunbath
95. Go swim
96. Go to a fitness class
97. Drive somewhere and listen to music while you do it
98. Go to a museum
99. Play Sports
100. Comment this post :) Suggestion: What are the things, from this list, that you like doing? What are other things you like doing in your free time?

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wow... how long did it take u to write this post? all 100 of them !


Hehe Not sure! I just wrote the ideas as I had through the day/afternoon. I didn't write all of them at once :)

I know the feeling!! I still want to clone myself and have 2 clones do 12 hour each Steemit rotation (I am not a slave driver I know they need some sleep and eat) so that I can accomplish (Read, write a post, comment like a madman)

  1. Make a moodboard with things that inspire you

I like this one and you should show us how you do a moodboard!

Steem has been amazing as I get to explore new stuff and read about personal experiences of people that are halfway across the world.

I will add a thing I nominate you to do the 10 things I love about Steemit challenge haha


Haha yesss right! That would be 24h Steemit for both of them, what a dedicated redfish! :)) I'm still improving my time skills for Steemit as it's hard to do everything. I've been taking longer to reply to comments as well as comment on people's posts. Cloning myself doesn't seem like a bad idea, if I think about it... hah
Maybe I can write a post about moodboards.. Mine are all over the internet though, as I use multiple different platforms hehe
OOh you did that! hah thank you for the nomination hehe I actually started working on that post yesterday :)) happy monday 2 yo!

There is never enough time to do all the things we would like to do. On the weekends I am torn between golfing and gardening. They both need a lot of attention and are both enjoyable.


So true. There's no much time, so we better do something we enjoy doing, right? Gardening and golfing sounds awesome. Have a great week!!

I'm with you on a lot of the list, as long as I can break this up and not do it all in one weekend. :) Actually, that might be kind of fun to try. Ready, set, go!

Finding things to do doesn't ever seem to be a problem as you get older. It's finding the time to do them that is the problem. Time flies when you're having fun is no longer the case. It's just plain time flies. Period.

Also. For fairness sake. If I'm not Vegan, but I can try it, what happens to those who are Vegan? What are the going to try? :)


For vegans, eat meat perhaps? lol! Just kidding. I don't want to offend vegans out there. Maybe they could try new vegan food they haven't eaten yet which is related to #16. I think that should be "new" and not "need?" @julimattos


I was wondering if someone would suggest, even jokingly, that they try meat. I guess I kind of bated it that way, too. :) But you're right. No need to be offensive if indeed that is. Not sure if I know any vegans. Maybe the occasional vegetarian.

I have a friend who wouldn't eat meat from four legged animals, because he had llamas and didn't want to upset them. :)


It would be a very long and busy couple of days if you set yourself the task of trying it all in one weekend! Such a challenge.. I think it would be fun haha

That's so true! It seems like time goes faster the older we are.. I read an explanation once that it has to do with how a time frame compares to your age. Something like: For a 2 year old child, 1 year represents half of her age, which is a lot. So 1 year, for her, takes half of her lifetime! If you are 30 years old, 1 year only represents about 3% of your lifetime. That's nothing and it goes really quick. Not sure either or not this explanation is true, but it makes a lot of sense :)

Haha If you are a vegan, as @leeart said, you can try new recipes. I suggested trying to be a vegan for a day because there're so many animal products out there, we don't even notice. It is really a challenge, at least for me :) And yes, it is "new" and not "need", thank you for letting me know. I will fix it!


I've heard that explanation about time, and I guess it's as good an explanation as any. If time is indeed so relative. I just pointed out to someone else that there's a physicist claiming that time doesn't even exist as we perceive it, so there's potentially that to contend with. I'd hate to think I'm making it all speed up on my own. I'd need to have a very stern talk with myself, I think. :)

I want to do all that and more lol! Good thing we have steemit. I can spend my free time here. I always go out with friends and try new places to eat. I take photos for steeming and make posts. I wand to have a haircut but I want to see how long I can grow my hair or how long can I tolerate long hair. Sometimes I want to stop time and do all these things and go to places. I live in a mountainous area so I want to go hiking again. I haven't hiked this year. I want to revisit the trails and mountains I used to go, check out the waterfalls I used to visit and see how the landscape changed.


Me too!! I've been spending a lot of my free time on Steemit, since I joined. These sound like awesome things to do! I also really like to try new places to eat, takes photos and go for walks. I actually dyed my hair blonde this past weekend, so that's one done :) I've always had long hair so not sure how it is to have short hair.. I think the shorter I got was a little big over my shoulders. :) You could write a list of things you want to do and you haven't done this year yet, and set the task of completing it by X day. That'd be fun!! :) The mountains and waterfall must be gorgeous!!


I like that idea...list short goals but don't forget the bigger goals.

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