Singing Song is My Pleasure!

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Babul Hossain Babu came out of the house every day with red Punjabi on his face and colorful face. In search of livelihood, he often runs to different upazilas of Naogaon and surrounding areas. Babu has kept the wheel of the world moving, especially with the income he earns from dancing and singing in the weekly markets and regular sitting markets.

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Talking to Babu in Raninagar railway station area. Babu is happy when he gets some money by listening to the songs of people of different classes and professions. This man in a beautiful outfit is enjoying his life struggle even though he enjoys listening to music. Babylon has no one but her birth mother and two daughters. He lost his wife long ago. That's why he used to listen to songs and stories in different places to run his family.

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The man in the outer garment carried a harmonium on his shoulder and ran around the district in search of a livelihood. At the end of the song, after eating, he fell asleep on the side of the road, at the railway station or at the bus terminal. This has been going on for almost a decade. Everyone in the area knows him as Babu Gayen.

He further said that before, he used to perform Jatrapala in villages. Now there are no more days of travel. So I have been singing in different places for 12 years. I lost my father when I was young. Didn't get a chance to go to school. I have had to run my family since I was a child. We have three daughters after seven years of marriage. What a fortune! My wife also died when the eldest daughter was five years old, the youngest daughter three years old and the youngest daughter six months old.

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