Exit sign that you just need to see with just a bad drawing of a leg that looks like what's between your legssteemCreated with Sketch.

in fun •  5 months ago

I don't consider this a not safe for work sign. It is a badly drawn cartoon-ish sign, but if offends you, I apologize. It is just funny to me that someone would put what appears to be a phallic symbol in the place of a leg or for the likeness of a leg so blatantly.
exit sign.jpg
Photo credit: Thunder Dungeon (as it shows in the photo itself)

I stumbled upon this one today too. I don't normally post memes. Today is a day that I am posting two though. I thought this one actually made me do a real "laugh out loud" though, so I posted it here, since it was in my Instagram as a fresh one for today.

What are some people thinking? That clearly just looks bad, and it has no business being drawn that way. I don't understand how someone didn't see that and tell them to do it over again. Who has a foot that is shaped perfectly to the size of their leg, and has a slot in it too? Either someone had a good sense of humor about this, and tried to get it to slip through the cracks, or there is just no editor or person or group that approves signage, in whatever country this is posted in.

I wish I could put up signs like this in public places.

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I think it's a sign for those who are surprised by the jealous husband.


I think it's a sign
For those who are surprised by
The jealous husband.

                 - danielje

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh dear haha that made me giggle LOL


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