My 1st Day Of Eid-ul-Fitir | Was it Fun?

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Hey Guys Alpha-Man is Back Here With Another Blog!!

As You Guys Know That Yesterday Was The First Day Of And Today is Second day Of Eid.

So on this Occasion Everyone celebrate eid by going out and enjoying..

So Yesterday Was the first day of eid So Me and my brother decided to go Out and Have A Dinner
At Hyderbad Darbar Hotel and We traveled to another city from our city..

It Was 60 KM Journey through Car And We reached in city at 11 PM and then We went to Hotel to Eat Food..

Let me Show You The menu..
See in the picture below



And Now a Big Sorry Because I Didn't Clicked the Food Pictures Because I was so hungry that I forgot to Click Them, when I Finished my food then I realized that i haven't clicked Photos So sorry for that...

We Just Finished the Meal and This Is the View Of Road from hotel..


After This we were in city for Sometime then we returned to home.

This is the Place from where we filled the Fuel of Our Car and Bought Some Ice Cream!!



It was a Fun day and we enjoyed a lot!

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All images are taken from my Mobile Phone

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