Nice! In this town that's an $800/mo rental unit! :)

It's crazy how true that is.

Big questions need answer. How are your birds? How do they like traveling in the RV?

Traveling in the RV is freaking epic. I took it to see my sister and larry last week. I'm heading to yosemite this week. I need to make it back out to Vegas sometime. The birds like to stay home and hang out in the grass. no roadtrips unless they fly themselves

I like your ride better!! Especially if you need to take a nap 😜

YES! absolutely. It's the best. I even take it up the coast just on day trips sometimes because I can lay down and read a book near the ocean.

Yes!!! My son wanted to get a camper like this to go to the beach. With 2 kids and a dog to have a bed and a mini kitchen handy is a very good thing :)

I'm looking forward to being able to go places. Keep on keeping on @happymoneyman. Hopefully one day you will see me posting travel pics too.

I'd love to see you head out for some adventure. I wish you the best on your journey to get free for a bit. The way I'm able to travel was getting rid most of my possessions. I go super light. So does my wife. I feel lucky.

You will be ordering a special lambo RV when steem reaches $1000 :P


a friend and myself have been hunting for an old dolphin like camper... rock on, these are the best use to have one! Happy Camping...

yea, they are so fun. They can park anywhere too. Love em

Livin that chug life, yo!

#chuglife #2pac

Pac would be very proud of my music selection when I roll chug.

Yeah, and when they get tired of stopping and staring at it from the back end they say, "Get out of the way!"

Just kidding. I love it. Keep it going.

haha yes, that's so true. I get passed all the time.

The RV also puts huge smiles on peoples faces. People give big waves often. I think it makes them think of last time they went on vacation or something. Plus they can tell I give zero fucks, so I'm probably having a good time. haha

Ha same thing happens with us. We have a series 3 1973 landrover and I swear it wins us more friends ;)

Cool how that works. People can tell when someone is genuinely experiencing life. Your Landrover sounds like it has a ton of character. Cool

Ha, it definately does have that!!! I've steemed about it too if you want to pop over and have look - it's not everyone's cup of tea though. it's my husband's new mistress.

What kind of mileage do you get with your RV? And what year is it? My wife @lildebbiecakes and I purchased a low mileage RV 1982, only 52k miles on it. It runs relatively well, but it does drink gas averaging about 10 miles/gal.


Awesome! Mine is a 1981 Toyota.
It gets 19mpg which is great for roadtrips.

It also fits in a single parking space, so I can stay almost anywhere. Fun times.

What kind of RV do you have?

That's pretty great!! :)
Are you using it for weekend trips or a big tour like @thedodgemahal?

Hi happymoneyman,

where do you go with the chug RV? I would like one RV like that one travel.

I mostly go up and down the coast of California. I find parking spots near the beach or woods. Sometimes I will hit a campground.
The best thing about a small RV is it can park almost anywhere over night and be cool.

yea....RV are so much easier than a house to move to another location. My RV trailer is 25 feet long and take lots of power to pull it. I would like to buy one like your that is self motorized.

Cool. Enjoy the road trip. :)

That's a beast on the road :D

Life is vary its is enjoyble

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spreading the love with your Chug

good post ... i love this

sometimes its best to live a humble and modest life instead of going over the top with outrageous and dangerous stuff.

truth. thank you

My respect for you just shot up immensely dude! lol

haha cheers. Keepin it real

nice RV you have over there i wish i too can have one

I've been watching some youtube videos of guys who live in these and just travel around. Great life if they set the living space up properly..

This one has way more style than a Lambo! 😁

i watched a couple of your dtube/youtube videos to learn about have a great personality so thank for the knowledge! and how come you dont post more on steepshot?? you would get so many likes

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