Be in touch with your Linux computer at all times via telephone, SMS, and satellite terminals - use laitos!

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Open-source project URL:

laitos web server suite offers the simplest way to host your personal website, receive Emails, block
ads and malicious websites at DNS level, plus many more.

And for geeks:

As a professional geek, you would never want to be left without Internet access!

For reliable Internet access via alternative infrastructures such as telephone, SMS, and satellite
terminals, laitos has a comprehensive all-in-one toolkit for:

  • Keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter
  • Read news via RSS
  • Read and send Emails
  • Make calls and send SMS
  • Ask about latest weather and factoids
  • Run Linux/Unix shell commands
  • Generate 2nd factor authentication code
  • Browse the web via a text-based JavaScript-capable browser

.. and a lot more!


  • Efficient - consume as little as 36MB of memory and 12MB of disk.
  • Portable - runs on all flavours of Linux and Unix.
  • Independent - reliable stand-alone operation with self healing and automated maintenance.
  • Hyped by Buzzwords - certified to run in any container, as well as PaaS, IaaS, *aaS.

Did you know? one of laitos components gets you modern & rich web experience on nostalgic computers that run Windows 98! Explore more in the comprehensive component list.


So.. like.. using a telephone to ssh into your server to reboot it?


take the phone out of pocket, dial a number or write an SMS that reads out the latest news; next, greet Facebook friends; and finally, reboot the server or wipe it completely clean! Endless potential.

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