Haha, my mother's cat wants to cut the lawn! 😂

in fun •  5 months ago


Hi Steemians, here is another very funny photo of my mother's cat with the name "Lottchen". It looks like she wanted to cut the lawn with the mowing machine! 😂

The colors of the mowing machine are also fitting perfect to the colors of the cat and even the sun came out in this moment when I took the photo. 📷👍

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Maybe it just want a fun ride like some of these I see on the youtube before.:-)


Hahaha 😂


I think there are loads of these on youtube. :-)

@ future24 I would like a cat like your mother's, to help with the home turf
I wish you a wonderful weekend


Yes this is the perfect cat. :D
Thanks @jlufer and have a nice weekend too!

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Hahaha really nice photo


Haha thanks 😆👍

Hahaha funny photography!!


😁 Thank you 👍

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cute n intelligent 😍