Fun day at the Water Slide, not park but slide...

in #fun3 years ago (edited)



Today my beautiful, fun wife and I decided to go to a water slide. @rachinata was enjoy the scenery as she pointed out something important. This was no water park with slides and pool.... just water slides. Stiiting on the base of a large hill this entry experience with a grand total of five slides, can be your experance a day for a whooping total of $9 USD a day!!! I know outrageous!!!! Yet we still managed to have fun.
OK, I wanted my 2nd picture to be the flagship for the post but it refuses to upload the right side up.
That is very frustrating. Still happy to share our experience with everyone here.


All I know is that this water slide is located North of Roy Utah. We didn't spend too much time there. For our first water experience I'm happy to say it's memorable.

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