EOS Studio IDE — 🧰 All in One Smart Contracts Editor, Debugger, Version Manager, and more! ⚙️h my!

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EOS Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing decentralized applications (DApps) on the EOS blockchain. This currently works for Mac at the moment. Don’t worry the next version will include Windows and Linux! Now let’s have a look at this amazing beauty!

Download link to EOS Studio IDE here -> https://t.me/eosstudio/138

What’s even much more amazing about the EOS Studio is that it includes a C++ code editor, EOSIO contract development toolkit (EOSIO.CDT), EOS account viewer and an EOSIO version manager. You can also switch between local, testnet (Jungle and Kylin) and Mainnet during development.

Other features that are included in the editor:

  • Open a project folder and edit multiple files;
  • Auto-update, no need to manually download or reinstall newer versions;
  • Set up common nodeos configs;
  • Highlights for EOS related syntax;
  • New styling user interface;

IMPORTANT: EOS does not use Solidity. It runs WASM, which compiles from C++.

10 Min. Video: Getting started w/ EOS Studio IDE.

How to Create a Smart Contract and Deploy it to the Testnet without downloading binaries or touching the command line. We will be testing on the Kylin testnet going forward for the purpose of this tutorial.

Want to say thank you to the community for the feedback and hope to see more tutorials that focusing on the smart contract side of things. Go EOS!

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