Test Crashing My New Toy

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Boys and their toys!! Yes, that's me!!

Last year sometime we bought a little toy drone for my youngest son, and I have probably logged the most time flying around the living room with it, much to the bemusement of Mrs MJ. Somehow that led to the family thinking it would be a good idea to buy me my own little drone for Christmas.

I think it was a brilliant idea. So much so, that when I was a little used to the controls indoors, I went and got myself another one of exactly the same model, but with the proper controller, and camera, and a fpv headset so I can fly crash it as if I am inside it.... Neat huh!?!

SO, after tinkering and flying into walls, and shredding one of the flowers on Mrs MJ's orchid, it was time to take the little piece of electronic destruction outdoors. Less damage to cause, and wide open space to fly around in without colliding with objects.... well, so I thought.

Things started pretty smoothly... I need to get an SD card installed to save to the onboard memory, rather than streaming it to my phone. I image think the quality will be much better.

I flew around the park a little, keeping within a reasonable range, and testing the responsiveness to the controls, and how the wind affected it. It was actually pretty good for its size, and there wasn't much wind at the beginning. That was until I started flying a little faster, and turning a little sharper.... until this happened...

That's me sitting on the grass, flying with my headset on

I looks like I may have turned just a little too sharp, and the breeze got under my drone, dragging it into the tree before I had a chance to correct the over-steer. No major damage done, and luckily the drone wasn't stuck too high up in the tree. We managed to pull the branches down a bit and jump up to grab it.

I think I'll fly a little further into the middle of the field next time... It is a lot of fun to buzz around, and I'm sure I'll have quite a few more mishaps while I get to grips with the whole first-person flying setup.

Have a great day!

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I’ll be honest.

I love technology but I’m terrified of heights, so the idea of drones with goggles is both exciting and terrifying... my brain would know I’m on the ground but I’d still probably throw up.

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shredding one of the flowers on Mrs MJ's orchid

OoooOOoooOOooOOooohhhHhhhhh XD

The drone looks like tonnes of fun though :D Youngest wants one with a camera that will do the VR thing,

Mrs MJ was not impressed with me!

This is a little Parrot Mambo FPV to learn on. It's a lot of fun, and does pretty well. small enough for some very slow indoor, but better suited for outdoors, and with the proper remote. The range from the phone app controls isn't good for anything except indoors within a few meters.

Best price I found was at Officeworks.

Test crashing


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Haha! When I can keep it in the air for more than 3 minutes without doing something stupid, I may call it "flying." But only maybe ;)

Lol. Come on BMJ, you can DO it! 😁

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Topgun on steemit !

I've always wanted to pick one up but was always scared I would crash it right away 🤣

Do it! It's a lot of fun, and you get the hang of it pretty quickly. I've gone for a cheap one to start, and one that I can get spare parts for if I break anything. After the second and third and fourth crashes it doesn't hurt as much, promise:)

Lmao, are the walls ok?

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If the drone was a bit bigger the walls may have been in trouble...LOL

I've been banished to fly outside only, after the trail of destruction started getting longer and longer.