Five crazy google tricks to prank your friends :)

in #fun5 years ago

Hi guys, in this post i'll show you how to prank your friends with a usual
google searches, but with crazy effects .
first of all, ask a friend of yours to google one of the following words inside brackets:

Trick 1: [Do a barrel roll] or [z or r twice]
This will make their result page spin around.


Trick 2: [zerg rush]
This one is my favorite, it'll call a bunch of "O" letters to destroy their result page, and they should protect the page by clicking several time on the "O" letters to kill them.

zerg rush.png

Trick 3: [askew]
This will tilt the hole result page a little bit.


Trick 4: [blink html]
This one will make the words "Blink" and/or "html" start flickering .


Trick 5: [google in 1998]
This one will send them back in time to the very old version (the first version) of google.

old google.png

And that's it, i hope you guys enjoyed my post and have a wonderful day .

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