It's posible.

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Go into the Arborescent thinking.


Fear is one of the greatest barriers to human development. It is said that when we are born in this physical universe we carry with us only two main fears: intense noise and falling; both originated in the process of birth, which in a few words is the first crisis that the being experiences. As we grow we acquire new fears, and when we reach maturity somehow they remain attached to our way of interpreting reality. We have grown in the physical part in a great way, but our true wisdom, the exploitation of our authentic potential, has stopped in a regrettable way.

The unknown generates fears and tends to divert the being from its most intimate purposes. We can fear darkness in an enclosure because we do not know what is hidden in it. Physical pain is a cause of fear because we ignore what may or may not happen to us. However, when "the unknown" becomes known our fears diminish or disappear and we are able to face any situation, however trivial and impossible it may seem. In the same way that we arrive at this world, with our own resources and those that are acquired over time, a starting point is taken to confront the own and established belief systems.

The questioning of the obvious is a duty of every reasonable person (from an altruistic perspective), since this is mainly the essence of the psyche, our being and the physical manifestation of our energy body.