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I stood in the cafe waiting for my order. It always takes a little longer than normal because I ask them to add fresh chillies in it. This causes a panic in the place because, as much as they claim that all their food is made fresh there and then. It's actually made much earlier in the day and they just hope that no-one asks for anything slightly different from the menu.

In fact, if you ask them to make your sandwich fresh they will claim that it is. But it isn't really. At least, not unless you ask for something extra.


So my pleasant lunchtime scenario goes a little like this...

You have fresh chillies yes? Can I have fresh chillies on my firecracker chicken sandwich, please?

Um, it's already spicy?

To which I always answer,

Oh I know, I just love fresh chillies!! More chillies on it please!

The server recoils in horror. To their credit, their smile remains frozen in place as they back off, all the while maintaining that ever important, customer friendly eye contact. They nudge a supervisor and relay the news, eyes wide with terror.

The supervisor comes over. Wow, his smile is even brighter and bigger than the server who took my order.

Howdy sir, just checking in with ya? You know our firecracker chicken is already damn hot and spicy? That's the firecracker for ya!


I do know that but as I said to the other guy, I just love me some fresh chillies! You can make food fresh to order can't you?

A trickle of sweat running down from the supervisors hairline is the only thing that betrays his anxiety.

Well now, of course we can! Let me just buzz the kitchen for ya!

He moves away with a frozen smile picking up a phone then muttering frantically in it. The odd accusing glance is thrown my way. Then the supervisor returns to me and with a reassuring, yet slightly manic smile informs me it will be five minutes or so.

I can imagine the person in the kitchen at the other end of the phone taking the news and turning to the rest of the kitchen staff.

Oh crap people. It's a code red. We got a non-conformist. I repeat, a non-conformist wanting fresh chillis in his sandwich!


Panic ensues. A chef waving a knife shouts at the phone man.

Sir, do you want me to go up there and take him out?

Just find some damn fresh chillies and make a fresh sandwich. Make it snappy!

Make it fresh, sir? We gone and made up all the food this mornin!

The phone man gritting his teeth at this.

It's a kitchen dammit, there has to be fresh stuff somewhere!?!


Meanwhile, up top, I stand there waiting. I smile at the supervisor. I can see his hands twitching with fear. He is probably thinking that this time they won't be able to rustle up a fresh sandwich and the resultant disaster might make national TV.

I wonder how far they will go to save their reputation? Will they attempt to eliminate me so that I can't talk?


The second hand on the big clock behind the counter marches onward. Almost five minutes. The supervisor touches his ear and winces as if in pain, He glances at me then touches his ear again. An earpiece? Is this it, are they even now being told that no, there were no fresh ingredients and that to save the company's reputation they will have to clip me, quickly and quietly?

Then a smile breaks out like the sun after a storm. Someone appears to his right and hands him a paper-wrapped sandwich. He stands straight and puffs out his chest with pride. This, this, is what he was born for. He proffers the sandwich forth, like an ancient scroll of hidden wisdoms.

There you are sir. One Freshly Made Firecracker Chicken Sandwich with fresh chillies.

At the edge of hearing one could almost hear a chorus of trumpets.


Cheers mate!

I step outside. Leaning against a wall is one of the chefs smoking a cigarette. I open up the sandwich and gently, ever so gently scrape the fresh chillies off with a finger onto the ground.

The chef looks on aghast.

It's spicy enough as it is without fresh chillies eh!

I remark jauntily to the chef and head off whistling a jaunty tune. I do love a freshly prepared sandwich!


What lengths will you go to to make sure that your food is fresh? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to get better service from three places?

Let us know in the comments!

All pictures sourced from pixabay and in most cases subjected to various manipulations. Apart from my amazing hand-made gif, that's all mine!

Authored by: @meesterboom

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Good idea to check the fresh food, very useful and informative post. Thanks

hmm, this is interesting, thank you.

It's a very good idea to check whether the food is fresh or unfresh....they caught red handed ....very informative post thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately, the only trick i have is when the food is not fresh, not go again to that place and request the complaint book. Its always hard to know when the food is fresh or not, but generally i had good experiences in vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

Well, that is also a good thing to do! I have had good experiences in those places too

¨Oh crap people. It's a code red. We got a non-conformist. I repeat, a non-conformist wanting fresh chillis in his sandwich!¨ these part made me laught a lot.

Hehe, I'm glad to hear it!

Realmente en la mente humana nacen es un sin fin de matavillas, que algunos llaman proyectos y otros sueños. Lo importante es cumplirlos.

Lol, good one, they are caught red handed... there are always a Mr Nice guy appear somewhere to spoil the party of panic.. :(

Japan started to track wild life meat on blockchain, soon sandwiches would also be track on blockchain to reassure the health and freshness, as it holds the history and time stamp... :)

That's actually a really good way to stop food poisoning . I think not only Japan , every country should follow the way Japan works with the blockchain. If it helps people then why not invest in it and have the advantage, am I right ? = )

That is absolutely correct.. :)
Soon or later major adoption on the way, would love to see the food chain is being tracked, at first and foremost by all country... as @meesterboom needed and the world needed, blockchain being one of the solution to preserve the freshness of the food that we consume.. but a very efficient one perhaps... :)

Hopefully we gonna have countries using it as soon as possible because the people need this = )

Isn't that an awesome idea to track them on the blockchain!

Yes it is.. :)

With that wild life meat tracking, wild life to preserve would be there, and also the control of license hunter, each customer in restaurant in Japan can view the certificate of the meat, the history of it, who was the hunter and so on...

Later once if this is incorporated to food, bet you, only healthy food we would be consuming in, we can track what nutrient were supply to the salad in the sandwich and at correct amount or not, which is endorse by reputable 3rd party inspection house, which the reputation of the 3rd party also is view able for public confidence..

Future of health, wealth and prosperity is very near.. :)

ha ha ha ...
many of us face it when ever we go to restaurants. but putting is in a presentable form is lovely. i had same feeling several times. good post. i have to think one like this now,

this is very good expression:

It is, I am quite proud of it!

I really love this story. I never expected it to be actually enjoyable, but I was wrong. It's people like you that really inspire me to start my own story series. I have always wanted to do that, however, I have never mustered enough courage to do so, yet I want to share what I have in my head with the world. This amazing world of imperial relics, monsters, love, agony, and fear. I believe this time it's going to be different. I'll start my own story on steemit . I can't always be afraid of being judged by people, and even if it's bad, i'll try and take constructive criticism and better myself. Plus, i'm sure someone out there will like what I post... I mean there is 7.3 billion people out there. don't you agree? :)

Lol. You can't get better unless you start writing so you got nothing to lose!

Hello @adsactly
I'm amazed as to how you played the game so well that you had your sandwich fresh! I don't usually revisit a cafe or a restaurant if I don't enjoy their services.
I could use your trick to get better services 😂. Thanks for the tip.


It's all about them tricks ;0)

I have a food allergy so that does come in handy.

Hehe, I can imagine :O)

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That is one of the easiest ways to lose customers. I never go back if you can't take the time to make sure what you're serving me is quality. I pay for quality.

Btw I took the liberty to share your post in my Steemit Facebook Group. Hope you don't mind?

Wow!! Nice story. You are right.You have to wait to get fresh food. I learned from your post. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful writing.

Hello friend good post. I don't know what I would do but bring me the food I ask for. The story is very good. I don't know what you do under your sleeve could apply, maybe a smile. lol.

Different but nice story :) Thanks for sharing :)

Things we do for fresh a meal!!!
nice story!

Certainly .. :) The important thing in this matter is that it can be interesting. :)

Muy buena publicacion buen

then cheers friends :))) ha ha ha

we do not have to suffer so much because we like peppers... :))

It's bad if such things happened. There's alway a 100% chance of losing customers.

Merry Christmas to all steemians. Enjoy

its good idea to peserve food in the blockchain
the fresh food more benifet to our health the taste more delicious so gooo ahead big like for food blockchain

ADSactly Fun - Sandwich Games

I liked your topic. Greetings to you
Thank you for this good topic

Wow, what a great Idea. I would love to go there.

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happy crishmas

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Good idea to check the fresh food, very useful and informative post. Thanks

awesome post and happy x-mas day in advance

Good story friend ...
Thanks for sharing

One of the reasons I like to prepare my own food.
Dream of having a garden where everything that I need grows in my backyard.

Thanks for sharing this!

I just don't repeat the place, if something weird happen.

Nice storyline. The GIF is amazing. Keep up the good work

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you .

I am very proud of me too and proud of you for saying

This was a great experience @adsactly ,first smell the bread of the sandwich if it is fresh, and taste the ingredients if it is cristp..if the ingredients are crispy to eat and the sandwich smell good. They serve you a good and fresh sandwich.. :)

Your view on this everyday problem is very precise and I like your writing. Thanks !

Great yrr...

I love this type of game

Nice 👍 post please upvote👆 my post.... Thank you.

very informative story you shared. by the way thanks for sharing dear :)

Lol :) interesting story

Please follow me. I did follow you.

thats like a good story..
i like it..
thanks for sharing..

Wow ...
This is awasome
Great idea ..

good writing skill'

Awesome post dear... It's really great story.. I like fresh chili also. Fresh chili with sandwich what a tasty lunch dish it will be. But most of the sandwich shopper they normally don't keep fresh chili. Anyhow thanks man for this lovely post and i will check this Sandwich Games today..

Fresh chilli is king, cheers for reading!

Good idea to check the fresh food, very useful and informative post. Thanks


I’d be worried that the staff would spit in my food or otherwise tamper with it!!!


nice story....l like this story...
I don't know what I would do but bring me the food I ask for. The story is very good. I don't know what you do under your sleeve could apply, maybe a smile.

You are very interesting and funny told! Of course, we come to the cafe, pay our money and we are entitled to demand fresh food for themselves. I'm a bit too shy and unsociable people. And sometimes I find it difficult to defend their rights. But I have a secret. I usually say that I'm allergic to some unimportant ingredient. and ask to cook without this ingredient. So they have to cook me a fresh dish. For example, I get the salad without onions.

Its rare for people to ask for fresh things in restaurants in my country.They just order the food they want and they wait for the order to arrive.Little they know is that not everything is fresh in the kitchen and they put stuff that was already made in the morning.I tend to only visit restaurants or places that I think have quality food without worrying to much about what they put.

PS: I like what you did @adsactly .

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Nice one check out my story @perpz you might find it interesting

Great post and an interesting story :) @adsactly

I would want to try that too haha :D

Hey Lovelies! This is my first ever comment on Steemit! I just usually ask if they'll make it fresh. If they say no, I just wouldn't go back. Nice article. Thanks.

sir i read your all passage it was really A1 blog

stale meals are not my thing. i once requested for my money back in a restaurant because i didn't like the way things were being done. i don't like what i hate

i like this game.
i am gammer

different but nice story

To be honest if your buying food from a restaurant, chances are very low for it to be fresh as things are often made in's best to cook at home.

Great post keeping up ... upote & resteem

Once again. Thanks for making me laugh. It's lunch time now^^

My game is fun to play How do you feel

nice post . keep it up

Good idea to check the fresh food, very useful and informative post. excellent thanks

great !

Sorry, I'm not a vege xD

Ah ah ah ah......i have been in this mess several times ,and when i wait a little longer they ask me to go buy from somewhere else....nice story tgough

My post not resteem by
How do fix that

good idea informative post

good one. nice story.
thanks for sharing...

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This is quite true.. they do make thoer food early so as to quickly serve Thier customers. I know no one loves to have to start if I can say editing and already done work.. so it would come as a shock to them when you ask for something fresh... in some restaurants I have been to however they keep them in a glass shelve Andy then they microwave it under right heat to make it look fresh again

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very useful and informative post. i like it..

That is pretty neat! Gonna try it soon. Like your way of writing.

I’ve had to wait 25 minutes (not exaggerating) once at McDonald’s for asking for something without cheese (no dairy for me unfortunately).
I feel your pain!

I tend to go with the opposite - take something off that normally comes with the food or ask for an alternate topping. Pick something like cheese or sauce so they can't just scrape it without it being noticeable. They'll make it special just so it doesn't look bad.

On the other hand, if you are asking them to remove something that you are allergic to make certain that you tell them that it is for allergies. My sister spent the evening of her most recent wedding anniversary in the emergency room because the restaurant thought that scraping the avacado off her food would work when they didn't make it right the first time!

Nice experience, some part of the story really cracked me up while reading it.

lol, i loved the idea of getting fresh food. your writing is just amazing dude.

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