Most dangerous motorcycle road racing event - 246 casualties till date. Crazy!

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“Isle of Man Tourist Trophy(TT) “ is the most prestigious and dangerous motor-cycle race event held on the“Isle of man” in the first week of June annually.

“Isle of man” is a self-governing British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.

Very Dangerous Track

The Isle of man TT Race event have been held on 60.72Km Snaefell Mountain Course (Road-racing street circuit used for the Isle of Man TT). This is the oldest race circuit still in use since 1911.The track also consists of a number of public roads usually close to become a racetrack every year.

The race circuit is extremely dangerous due to high speed on curves, very narrow roads, buildings, trees, roads and lanes flanked by walls. The road has 264 corners lined by buildings and hard objects which is definitely not for a high speed race. Checkout the video!


There have been 246 competitors fatalities reported during the practice or actual race. Six riders lost their life during 1907 which is know to be worst year for fatalities in history of Isle of man TT.

Here is the crash scene of Conor Cummins. The disaster struck at the speed of 150mph and he broke bones all over the body. Proving his passion to race, he was back to the TT in the following year, after intensive medical treatment.


I know this race. There are real riders who have strong balls. :) Even V.Rossi had difficulty riding on this track. V.Rossi wirds: 'The Isle of Man is very difficult. If you make a mistake, maybe it’s the last mistake.'

it was a difficult sciene heart break

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wil love to visit this place during the races , i am an adrenaline junky and this will be fun seen this speed devils pass by

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