Cousin Wedding +Mayooon Function+Fun+Masti+love

in fun •  last year

As Pakistani wedding starts with the mehndi function ,it is most colorful and traditional event last days was my beloved cousin wedding we enjoyed a lot specially my favorite mayon function,we made a lot of fun masti ,sang songs,played dholki and all cousins put together a bhangra dance ,then all girls ,bhabies ,females applied mehndi on their hands and feet ,it was really memorable function :)



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shaanay mujy discord channels e join kratay rehna ,na koi ata meri post pay ,na koi bat :(


heheh main a gya hun na


bss ap e atay wo v kbi kbi :P


ye kon hn....wajii

Wow very colorful.

Colourful Events
Marriages in Pakistan are no doubt the most colorful events. It doesnt only bring family members close but also help to reboost the family values.
It should be a memorable function :)