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RE: Some Good News for Those Living In The United States! Let Us Make The Best Use of this.

Your story is important and needs to be told. The needs of the children are not addressed. CPS focus is on funding the budget. Very few people in our communities even know this. They "assume" the agency's primary focus is on the well being of the child, however and unfortunately it is not so in a majority of the cases I've seen. I look forward, with heavy heart, to more of your posts and story. I believe there is a reason we are all being joined together at this part of our journeys. I am thankful and hopeful that blockchain will prove itself worthy and be around for a very long time ;) I see more being accomplished here on this Steemit platform in a short period of time than in any of the other social network groups. With many working together finding ways to utilize the resources as they become available. There are a lot of children out there tonight that are only wishing, hoping and wanting to be home.


Most other social networks try to brush these topics under the rug. They get no exposure and even get removed. This is the first time I have seen when they have been allowed to thrive.

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