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RE: Some Good News for Those Living In The United States! Let Us Make The Best Use of this.

When I was younger my siblings and I were removed from our home. While in custody my brother was administered psychotropic drugs (Ritalin) back in 1987, he was a little boy who was too hyper they said, but he was just a boy I never saw reason to give him medicine for it. It didn't even dawn on me that maybe it was just another part of a bigger issue, and he wasn't alone in that. Thank you for the read! I love having my eyes opened even more to what others have experienced. As far as the vaccines go, I really don't trust them at all, not since my @tecnosgirl's experience with them I have always tried to get as much info as i can before we do any vax.


So sad that so many children are used like this and so sorry for what you had to deal with. I appreciate posting information that can help others and especially for those with open minds and eyes to see the abuse that goes on everyday through these corrupt agencies. I am so hoping this new Division will give us a change to let voices finally be heard. At one time in 1991 I know that public schools were receiving a 1,000 dollar kick-back for every child they could refer to a doctor to have them put on "Ritalin". I am sure that process is still taking place. It is a crime!

It did not stop there. The schools then taught mom and dad how to get the child labeled "disabled" so the parents could get a check, too. Of course, the child will spend a lifetime being treated as a mentally ill person, and so will probably become a mentally ill person eventually.

Another thing I did not know, that makes sense because later on he was pushed again to be put on drugs, and that time it was the teachers who made the "referral" for him to get checked out.

Yes, they all have their hands out and think nothing of the children that are being used as guinea pigs. It is a sick system and one I hope with all my heart we can abolish.

One day it will, as long as people keep sharing what they know and proving the facts! And there are sooo many facts, I truly hope that it is soon for the sake of all the children who are affected. Not only by vaccines but by being taken from homes.

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