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I have won.

in fulltimeretard •  8 months ago  (edited)

You have not won until you see another person's antagonistic moves a mere challenge. You don't have to be angry to the extent of being an obvious hater. You guys should just stop these ridiculous post. Please let there be peace. I know how you feel,but please let go. I had the same tussle with someone i won't mention on this platform. He flagged my post because he was jealous of my tendency to be great. Had he knew we are meant to live this world one day, he wouldn't have done such. I heard he is no more. Ive forgiven him. The lesson here is, you dont have to pull anyone down out of enviness. And you dont have to prolong the issue. Ignore!!! I love STEEMIT. Steemians are my family. I'm really sorry if this hurts....

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