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RE: Fulltimegeek Talks About The Responsibilities Of A Steem Witness

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Hey @fulltimegeek! I've been trying to watch your video since yesterday, but I have no chance to get it started. Supposedly it's due to my relatively low internet connection that seldomly enables me to watch anything published on dtube (same happened on dlive, too - not wanting to point a finger at a specific app).

If you had a chance to upload your video to Youtube, too, I'd very much appreciate that.


Ok, give me like 15min. Uploading now ...

Oh, that was quick!!! Thank you :-))
Sometimes people belive I am from Mars not being able to watch a video online, but that's the price one pays for living on a small island though...

Looking forward to watch it!

Here you go :)

What a service, thank you so much!! :-)

I watched the entire video and enjoyed it very much, thanks for the information provided. So far I had no idea how much a top 20 witness was effectively able to earn, that's been a nice insight. is one of my favorite service sites actually, there's a lot of useful information provided.

Btw, you forgot to explain what a seed server is in the end :-), but I guess and hope this won't be your last video as a witness... doing great!


I had to unvote another witness in order to be able to vote for you - any possible complaints will be directly forwarded to you, hehe.

Happy steeming!

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