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RE: Vote @FullTimeGeek for Witness!!

well since you're already on the list @brandonfrye , i'll check it out but i came here with a request actually.

SBD is back, and the rate is different, now i used to calculte to out vs. in in a pretty simple way, which pretty easy if it was all steem , right

you give steem out , you get steem in : the difference is plus or minus

however now, i find myself having to extra-check the exchange rate on and whatnot, its all a lot more confusing, probably even more to newcomers who are even newer than me and have never SEEN sbd , Sooooooo
(here it comes)

could you, ... or anyone you know, do a post on what this all is

is it better to power up 100% or is it better to go 50 / 50 (when it comes to absolute value that is, say you were talking usd , if i set my reward to 100% do i get more fiat-value or do i get more when i pick 50/50)

say i make a bid 1 SBD bid and it comes back, is it better at 100% powerup or is it better at 50/50

i know all that crud about "it shouldn be for this or that, but for some reason it IS because thats what this thing does, right ? i dont believe anyone here who would tell me its not part of their reason for being on here)

but its VERY confusing at the moment, if possible id even like some formulas to go with it.

You run a bot, you should know a thing or two, you run for witness, informing the populace might not be bad for your "campaign" lol, or maybe you know someone who knows, because i consider all posts before the hardfork giving any explanation about it to be totally useless at this time

so please, here is my request , my upvote will have to wait another 24 hours though, i wanna start over at 100/100 (im guessing you too :D)

thanks in advance or if you can relay it to someone who can explain it in detail that would be super-awesome :))


Shoot me a message on

I sent you a chat on 11 hours ago, can you check it? huh , its been a while since ive been there i'll see where i can get tomorrow , assuming you have no dicord, see the thing is , what i see : before i used to get equal amounts of steem / steem power when it was 50/50 but now i get less sbd then i get steem power on 50/50 AND sbd is less USD than steem, so from all i can see here i get LESS lol pardon the caps

the last reward here is goldmanmorgan author reward: 0.197 SBD, 0 STEEM and 0.228 SP for @goldmanmorgan/daily-report-20180924 , which comes down to, if i read correctly

o wait no its 1 - 1.018 according to steem supply which still is

0.212 vs 0.228 , now i have no way of getting the exact same reward so i can see if 100% would be 440 exact or if it would be more, it matters at my level and certainly for what i wanna do @goldmanmorgan but i'll if i can get in touch tomorrow somewhere its 4:15 am here , thanks for replying already !! ! !!!!!

IMHO, if you don't want any liquid Steem or SBD, you can opt for 100% power-up and you won't make any loss until SBD hover around $1 USD (in the open market). But when SBD prices gets higher, you should opt for 50-50 payout and convert SBD to Steem to SP from the market to get the best return on your earnings. Hope it helps.

yah @xyzashu thats part of the question, does the sbd rate go up or down depending on usd value, if i get the same amount when it sells for 3usd a piece its obviously better but if it hovers around the same power up and down over 7 days continuous seems like the better option, i just dont know how its distributed, id give someone's arm and someone elses leg for that ... i'm officially sleeping but i had a space trailing me ... i had to get it off my back
i think i did, sed is a wonderful thing, i came in about a year ago and steem sbd was UP there i have seen nothing but down since and still i believe its the age of the utility token, the age of the speculation coin is over

Well, regarding the distribution of SBD; its printing was stopped as total SBD worth went over 5% of total market cap of Steem. The SBD printing used to be throttled when its worth was between 2% & 5% of total Steem market cap. Since this figure was changed to 9% to 10% in this Hardfork, SBD printing has re-started in the current market scenario too. But if Steem prices tank further or SBD prices are sufficiently hiked, it may stop again.

You can refer to my following post, in case you are interested in this:

that's an awesome and clear piece, i think someone already told me the actual value on the day of payout stays the same wether you pick sbd or steem so yet this confirms it, i have at least one account where i need calculations on payout so simply powering up 100% is a lot easier in that case, because the rest is speculation, right ?

you can "hodl" on your sbd supply hoping the price goes up then sell it for steem, which is actually a pretty wall-street-type scenario for a place full of people always talking about "how its not about the money", lol. I totally understand the how and why in the design here since the steemchain needs people to power up, that's why you can not choose a 100% payout and that's why you simply can't drain your account in one go, i assume if someone with a few million would do that it would have consequences for the whole network.

makes it both overly complicated and interesting at once : complicated because there's no need for the extra because its pegged so the amount will vary which makes for numbers on top, but that's probably interesting for the speculators who still live in the age of bitcoin lol ... i see, thanks a lot !!!!! im slowly getting to upvoting the replies as it recharges i'm sure i'll get here before seven days tu.png