Fulltimegeek Hires Mini-Fulltimegeek To Do His Job

in fulltimegeek •  14 days ago

Mini-Fulltimegeek is proficient in C++ Programming, Cryptographic and Hashing algorithms, and last but not least, pooping her pants, LOL

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haha why I dont have father like that LOL

You know a Man is a Good Man when he is So Awesome with his Children... I am happy that I voted for you @fulltimegeek and your Mini-@fulltimegeek... Always hoping and praying for the best for you and your family.

Mini Geek has more computer skills than I do! Pink tootoo's has always been my choice for work attire! Adorable!

Mini-Fulltimegeek is very cute! :)

Mini-Fulltimegeek is doing a great job 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

I object to this video! It is too cute.
I am now triggered.
You are to blame!

triggered ewe.gif

Hey there Fulltime.....haha I like to shorten peoples names on here and I thought that would be a bit more polite than just calling you geek! lol

Cute kid you got there. I found you through my buddy @holm. I see you do great work here. I didn't realize you where a witness until now. So a friend of Mikkel Holm is a friend of mine and you've got my vote.

You are not going to steemfest are you? I'll be there myself. Can't believe I'm going as I almost quite steemit about one year ago exactly until I started networking with some of the bigger players like yourself.

Luke Stokes saw that I wasn't getting rewarded for my efforts with my unique travel blog, and he came to the rescue and has been supporting me ever since with his nice up-votes. I'm not asking you directly for any favors....but with a wink and a nod ummmmm never mind....lol

Keep us the great work as I know you are lifting up a lot of people who need and return growing out the platform and strength of the crypto currency. So I'll add you to my footer encouraging my followers to vote for you for witness too, on my next round of post production. I post 3 times a day and backlog a lot of them. I've been traveling the world for over 12 years so I have endless material.

Glad I found you and I'll be around. Have a great day! From Odessa Ukraine. -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Don't blink, they grow up really fast.

Thanks for your support. Tell mini-fulltimegeek that if I had pants, I would poop in them too. Try shorts! It’ll fall right out.


She is so beautiful ♥️

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I think she said it in the end ( bye )!!

Aw, that's cute ;) We gotta watch out for those little pro programmers at such a young age. They're gonna take over the world by storm!

Oh, and by the way, thank you for all the votes from FullTimeBot.

She is so cute! We would like a cute little witness for this platform.

@fulltimegeek, Ha ha, we are ready to Approve Mini-Fulltimegeek as an Witness. Really cute and adorable video and i am sure that these kind of cute and adorable moments will going to become great memories of future.

And yes, Mini-Fulltimegeek ignored you because, on TV human beings best friend is showing up. And for sure TV is one aspect which is preferred by the children. Good luck brother and i am wishing that soon you will join the Top 20 Witnesses.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Minifulltimegeek is a handful with fun.
Glad you are enjoying fatherhood and taking care of everything else after.
Keep on postin'

ROFL, mini-geek.

Great video, very cute baby. How much younger Fulltimegeek?

Rockstar server admin!

Hehe mini fulltimegeek is sooooo cute! Ingored the camera the whole time but she nailed it at the end.

Have a great day @fulltimegeek

You're welcome! Thank-YOU Fulltimegeek Team 💗👼🎉🙏🎶

Mini-fulltimegeek is an adorable cute little girl 😘😍😍. It's good to see @fulltimegeek a steem witness. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hopefully, this move will bring about sanity on the blockchain and eventually increase the value of steem. Cheers.


Books still on shelves. Wires not pulled out. I'd say she's trustworthy enough to code the next revolutionary blockchain.

You didn't include chewing of eraser. I'm sure she will run a very clean witness node.


You didn't include chewing of eraser.

lol, I totally dropped the ball on that one

Loving your energy man!! You’ll make a great steem Witness!!!

Have a wonderful day:)

Hey, our daughters must be more or less similarly old. Mine is 2 and 9 months.

Entertaining vid fulltimegeek! Cute daughter of yours, congrats to our new witness

Mini looks so much like Daadaa😍

Aww, great job Shorty!! I know the blockchain is in good hands now :) Those curls and that frilly shirt OMG!!!!!! Those little teeth!! D'awwwww...just melted over here. Thanks for sharing your life with us FT!

Damn dude. Seriously cute kid. And already smarter than me

She's obviously working hard running the witness. LOL She's a cutie. Cherish this age. I have 5 kids and my youngest is 5 now and I can tell you I miss those days even though some days it was tough.

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She has my vote!!! Well done, Minifulltimegeek lol

Ha , partner in cryptography....lol

That's funny that she said bye just as the video was ending. Not when you wanted her to, but still you have to give her credit. Are you going to make her an account?

I tried to watch this on my phone, but this is what happened:


I have no idea why, but it seems to be impossible to watch it. Worked perfectly on my computer though and I have to say, you seem to have an awesome sidekick there! :)

i had no idea you had a daughter! she's adorable man.

Cute kid :P

Little Miss Geek has my vote. I vote for all witnesses that wear pink tutus.

Lol these are the moments that go quick my friend enjoy them.

Hey bro... I'm assuming that the fulltimebot votes I've been gettinf have come from you but seeing as I'm new here, how do those bots have such a high voting power with only 25 dollars worth of steem power. I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to understand the system.

Mini-Fulltimegeek should learn and work hard to provide us with better services. I guess we would leave HF21 to her lol

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Thanks for being so openminded witness, I voted for you and wish to interview you like I interviewed 3 witnesses before.

I don't find a better way to contact you so I thought it would be the best to leave a comment here. Thank you so much for your support of my yesterday's post!