Join Fulltimegeek on his journey to become a top 20 witness

I'll be running a witness soon. Give me a week. I'm going to take this job quite seriously too.


my vote is yours boss

My dear @lyndsaybowes... This is not Bout time... This time to do the right thing with all our strong ...


I'm glad you made the decision to join the witness ranks. It has been an honour to serve as your proxy knowing you have the best intentions for the community at heart.

Good luck!

Is it too soon for the presidential campaign propaganda?

Frank Vote.jpg

Right the fuck on...


You got my vote!

Love it!

Oh what good news, the entire Venezuelan community is going to support you.

OUTTA the way! I gotta get in line to vote!

yes!!! Geek the witness we need!!!

You will have my vote and I will try to get as many as I can to add to your votes!!

This is awesome news! I know you'll do a great job. I'll be happy to shift my votes around when you start.

Good timing to jump in the witness bandwagon. You #steem support are welcome seriously.
Keep on postin'

Good luck! Love the support that you have been giving to the users of DLive.

Geek is the man

I will be glad to give you my witness vote. If you're going to the top you have to get on discord!
Be glad to have you at the SFR Steemitweekly server

Hi, you have the most big delegated power to Steem-ua, but you are not still in the first 100 witness and when i try to select you as witness, there is no positive answer, how you are thinking to go to top 20 with these conditions?

Wonderful! @davemccoy 's friend is all I need to know to be sure you are good person and will be good witness

Thank you for that nice compliment @marinaart! And @fulltimegeek is the most generous Steemian there is! He will be a terrific witness for sure :D

You got my vote @fulltimegeek!

We would be happy to interview you on our Steem community based talk show, "Ma1ne & Snekky" on @MSP-Waves sometime! It would be great to chat with you about your experience on the Steem blockchain, and your upcoming witness! Let me know if you would be interested in chatting with us @fulltimegeek! Our show is Wednesday evenings, and you can check out previous episodes on my @Ma1neEvent Steemit profile. Good luck with the Witness!

I'm very happy to hear this. It will be a mission that I think many will focus on! Go get 'em! :)

Curious about your vision for being a Witness! :-) I have two spots left :D

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Best of luck! Good work and witness vote from me.

Right on, dude! You get my preemptive vote.

Good luck!!

awesome - you will have my vote for sure

Woohoo!!! We fully support you FTG!

The one guy everyone wants to see as a witness. God bless the fulltimearmy and all you have done for this platform

I'm on board!!

Twitter Emotions on the move!

You got my vote!

Love what you do for the community my friend! You got this!

You have been doing cool stuff for creators around Steem and your bots frequently upvote a few of my friends so I'll give you a vote and tell my friends about it :^)

Yess! :) He's already been very cool with us, so I trust that he'll be very trustworthy as a witness. I also have a vote saved up for him.

Hey man good luck! Not wanting to offend other witnesses, but having someone who is very passionate openly about steemit as witness is very comforting!

Sounds good! Got my vote, hopefully we can get some competent and transparent witness updates going!

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Good luck! We need people like you.

I wish you the best in this new endeavour. I am sure that you will take it on full force and try to provide some protection to the steemit users and engagers.

And my axe!

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We need people like you to run as witnesses. I think that I just found how to fill one of my empty slots.

PS. What you do for the community is just beyond words!
Have a great day @fulltimegeek

Good offer :)))but it hardly applies to mere mortals, as I :))))

Go geek, you're a man of the blocks!
My utmost and unwavering support is yours.

YAY!!! I will vote for you! :3

It seams like you don't need any kind of it knowledge for it so why not. It can't get worse.

Some witnesses had been removed from the list, some of them in the top 20 I suppose that yesterday's incident has some relation with this. I'm trying to vote you as witness, idk I have problems with it. The vote doesn't get confirmed, I will try again though.

Done... I mean, when you get around to it, that is (:

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I saw all your tweets today where you mentioned and/or hashtagged Steem. Ironically, someone I follow just resteemed this. I wasn't too happy about that "I might power down" tweet because I've seen first hand many times where statements like that do cause others to sheep that action; but I can tell you're ambitious and you seem to really care about the blockchain. I don't really know you or why I should vote for you as witness, but I'll try to get know you better and see what you have to offer, and maybe I'll vote for you and possibly do whatever I can to help you become a top 20 witness. I really should get to know more about who is a good coder and has the best servers etc. and who is on top of things vs who is just cruising for pay.

Congratulations bro bro ✊

You got a lot of fans and proved to everyone how selfless you are. I am sure to see you sitting on the throne of gondo... I mean witness will makes us all sleep a little better a night.

Take them by storm!

Very good post friend congratulations I hope you can support me in my blog with some vote

This is excellent news. You'll do a great job!

About time. :P You certainly have my vote.

Although I haven't known you and your posts for long, I think that this would be a great thing for the community.

I'm so serious my announcement will takes up nearly a WHOLE LINE OF TEXT!!!

/me rolls eyes

After today’s situation and given we are so close to HF 20 (if it remains on track to deploy), I think we sure need more perspective and understanding of the code in the witness seats.

So what went wrong yesterday?

Will 100% give my vote !

Good timing! Fortunately you were spared from the headache today. Did this crisis cause you to want to become a witness @fulltimegeek or had you already decided?

It's about time! You have my vote!


Bacon boss.jpg

Yo man, I saw you around DLive and first I want to thank you for helping around, I really respect that.

Secondly, your help caught my eye and I want to know what are you doing on Steemit and how can I get to know you because I'm already interested in voting for you because of your great help on @dlive...

Is there anywhere where I can read about your plan as a witness or are you already a witness? haha. Just trying to inform myself ;)

Great news !
You'll have my fulltimesupport

That's awesome news @fulltimegeek :) will be waiting for the announcement to come out so that we can vote for you...Happy to support you.

@fulltimegeek you have my vote I will reserve one slot for you.
I'm a curator with a trail in @steemauto and I made a post with a tutorial for give in a simple way vote for witnesses following my proxy.
You have supported so manny friends of mine you deserve my support.

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At least you will be inside the inner circle of witnesses as soon as you start your business.
Not like us low top 100 and less, that are just searching for breadcrumbs of information and not finding any.

About time maestro, Fulltime witness is a go for me!

Sure, I'll vote for you. Just let me know when you've started your witness.

I'll vote for you. I like the video you did a awhile back and you pretty much talked about how the creators of Bots at Steemit could kiss your arse or something to that extent.

I liked what I saw so you can count on my vote.

Good luck dear sir,
I am going to add you as my vote and will try to convey my friends to do so.

God bless you dear sir.

100% going to be given

Did that outage piss you off that much?

I noticed your last slightly irritated post!

I'll give you a witness vote fer sure.

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Hi @fulltimegeek!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
Your UA account score is currently 6.355 which ranks you at #182 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has dropped 1 places in the last three days (old rank 181).

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 441 contributions, your post is ranked at #286.

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You've built up a nice network.
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • Try to work on user engagement: the more people that interact with you via the comments, the higher your UA score!

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

I will support you soon.

Great news, I will try to help you in obtaining additional votes. .

We need to take the @fulltimegeek to top 5 witness spot!

♨ I support you - after hardfork 20.. This is good news ♨

Good stuff!
What made you decide to take the step to become a witness?

With the HF coming up, I would recommend waiting to go live until after the fork. Never know what will happen around that time. :)

You got my support! 😊

Looking forward to it! Excited for that announcement. I hadn't added a witness vote in a while, but I'll be happy to add one for you! You've done a lot for the Steemit community and I think you're going to be a great witness.

YES!! So glad to hear it. And I have absolutely no doubt, that you will take this job "quite seriously"! Thank you :)

interesting, always good to see who is doing what for Steemit, link to more info coming soon? Look forward to seeing more and removing votes from witnesses working on other blockchains so always spots opening up!

I just pulled a hamstring jumping on this bandwagon absolute no-brainer for the "Good of the land."

I'll be joining you fulltimegeek on your ride to the top 20 witnesses:)

I hear you help people on here so you have my vote brother. Tried voting for you but the swirl keeps swirling. Am I doing something wrong. hmmm

My witness still isn't up fellow supporter :) ... Feel free to try again later today or tomorrow when it's up and running.

Cool thanks

I tried voting for you and thought I was just doing it wrong ;)

Any joy? Have you crossed the t's and dotted the lower cased j's?😄

That's awesome news! I can't think of anyone on Steemit who's more suited to running one of the top-20 witnesses.

Announcements like this make me feel like maybe we are standing at the threshold of the "second phase" of the Steemit project!

You have my vote!


What a great news you have decided to make a witness server, I will wait for that announcement and it is clear that you will do it too great. A hug.

Ooh yeah!


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