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Don't know about you... but, today's full moon (in capricorn) is one strong one... are you feeling it?...

As my friend Kimm recently shared...

"The Full Moon & Solstice... The energy and vitality of Solstice is still bathing us with warmth and new possibilities . . . and on it’s heels comes the Full Moon, igniting us inwardly on solid Capricorn feet. It feels like a time to choose and a time to stand firm in the light that feeds our souls with our own purpose . . . and a call to be the light. The world really needs us right now."

So, just wanted to share a stunning piece of music - that has saved my butt this beautiful day...

I give deep thanks for this sacred song, pulling me out of the heaviness of the middle world/consensual reality...

**enjoy a moment of respite - just for you... **

with much love + hoards of light, weaver x (((o)))

• song 'ava maria' sung by ashana... https://www.soundofashana.com/

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