there be no posting here

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unless by accident


original by René , remix by me ...

Eh, maybe fun to keep track

7 days : @yapcat has grown from 25 to 34.8 rep and SP increased 0.09% by only commenting and voting
2 weeks : @yapcat has grown from 34.8 to 41.7 rep, SP increased (from start) by commenting and voting (and getting part of one bounty apparently, thanks !) by 0.9941%
1 month : @yapcat has grown from 34.8 to 43.3 rep and SP increased 5.52% by only commenting and voting - from start(?? hmm...)
84 days : that would be then
how many days has it been ? i somewhat lost interest in the circus : rep at 44 (b/c basically no commenting i guess and) SP at ? 7.12% increase since start but lately by voting (o yea that's 'curating' now) only
90 days : in one day down to 15 rep talking back to @mmmmkkkk311 who think he's Polish Jesus with divine rights to tell people what to do or dont


if the posts voted on are not consistent and might have contradicting views or people, i dont wanna quote Cody Wilson to give an example b/c of the association with gun lobby sadly (not that im opposed to guns, im opposed to lack of education and a system that keeps people inward so they keep in until they explode) but free speech isn't always convenient but it's only free when absolute and absolute free speech is also the only way to prevent extreme danger from hiding in dark corners cos it has to ....

ive never been much of an online socializer, i dont know what i was thinking here sometimes ...

without one vote from any of my own accounts in this case

but fun does not really exist anymore, does it?

yea warpath

which i was trying to avoid by not talking ... but if i want to do the game its hardly possible to NOT post ...

SO retard inbreeds like @coininstant , the camillesteemer-army (which , for some reason i sometimes think is the handywork of the upper echelon itself ... but then again if they did that they would put MORE into it there must be like 100more millions of liquid steem floating aroud in the ocean somewhere from the original ninjamine)

now that polish motherfucker (no offense to Poland ... its the first polish motherfucker trying to crawl up my ass) downvoting @tyrnannoght because it has sbi shares , i mean my original meet with that faggot patrice and his hyenas downvoting EVERYTHING for a month almost alredy made it clear that it has nothing to do with content, but now after they wrecked the price the disgruntled middle class like @mmmmkkkk311 makes things even more pleasant and the only option you have is to PAY MORE so you HAVE MORE so you can retalliate , its like the fucking 1970s ghetto mentality and who gets the mullah ?

that's right

the dealer wins lol


fuck that shit, i get really impolite when people fuck with my money it cost me thousands of euros already ... im not the man i used to be

luckily AND sadly and people behind a screen are safe ofcourse ...

but i STILL get very improper when people fuck with my money


yea :

but it doesn't bother the elite because of five or six figures they're untouchable and most people dont stand up, they bow down ... i personally know people who would actually respect someone simply for HAVING money ?

or pretend to ... hoping for some crumbs, sadly badly i wasn't raised like that and MOST i know weren't either

rich elitist protected nest dutch-american hippie shit :)


but its not


its just 'interesting' now

(to me at least :D)

ya ya ya ya, i do, somewhat feel like a fool for even still reacting to it but i will never go on a let me buy you some money so i can downvote better for revenge spree, i would prefer to educate haters on how to completely unhinge this system

so i prefer to stay silent cos i cant stand the stench of piss and shit anymore

there goes my carefully gathered rep in one day over some polish disgruntled retard inbreed piece of shit

... no offense to poland but you might wanna castrate those, they make you look like the nazis who once ran you over ...

IF YOU WANNA HURT THE FUCKER YOU NEED TO DOWNVOTE THE POSTS HE UPVOTES, he declines payment on his own, this is steemit

this is not a fair place

thats the only way hed feel it and everyone will start thanking him for the upvotes after a while

THAT, dear, innocent people is how fareth war here if you're serious

but you're not , are you :)


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ill vote you back up for witness , im just gonna wait a month or two on the standards

i especially like those who didnt go with the "hf 21 is god" propaganda

I wonder how you collected the replies, why you joined so I follow you. Like your cap 👍💕

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sorry there, im about 16 days behind on replies here because i just keep responding to new posts. My middle name is not 'structured the organizer' lol.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'how i collected the replies' ? @wakeupkitty ... it's okay and don't be shy because english is not your native language , i'm just trying to make sure i understand before i reply :)

“It is very hard for evil to take hold of the unconsenting soul.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea

To be honest I am not sure either what I meant 🤔 I guess I meant comments instead of replies and how you can earn on them. High enough they did not turn into dust?

@dustsweeper left.

No problem if you answer late ,just do what fits you the best. I am too structured and hope to save time but I doubt it works.

if you think i joined 3 weeks ago ? ive been for about 26 months i think. As i am chaos i decided to get less on steemit after the last apocalypse (b/c i didnt have much good to say and i was even getting on my own nerves) and then right after i created this account with 60sp and did nothing but talking. It's also a bit of an experiment on curation rewards with the minimum required to get the minimum rewards (but it turns out i received some votes on the comments too :)


As an experiment I use my other account. Main problem is my connection otherwise I could earn by being a bounty hunter but hardly a site loads. To be honest I believe most people have nothing to share.

I share my diary now which I type through the day. Good #forthechildren and a high anount of words.

In two weeks I see what to do next. Stay or leave or invest less time. If you do not post you cannotbe downvoted too. Good for the earnings and reputation.

I wish you a great Monday 👍💕

They can always downvote the comments @wakeupkitty, more so if you use the words they dont want to hear but i think most will refrain from that and only (but gladly and with perverse pleasure) do so when it's within the limits decreed by the emperor of Rome and his 20 senators (lol sorry ya) . There's more to it than bounty hunting and some really nice as well as interesting and/or both people around here, they just rarely show at the surface or around the whales (that's because the whales are actually sharks and they feed on things of beauty like emotional vampires ...)

I edited the one post on my feed btw, it will happen sometimes but it might not be as easy for non-native english speakers always. I myself sometimes think ive been living online so long the english words come faster to me than the native language i grew up with .. but well, i think english is more versatile and definitely has more words in bulk than my language does ... it just feels comfortable to me.

Good day to you. Sounds like we need a list of words which not to use too.

Might be saver not to show on the surface but I can tell you it is getting harder to meet nice people.

Shark would be a good name, still don't know who started the redgish, orca, whale naming. 🤔

I just read your post more as one till I understand the message. Who knows in time it all is easier to understand for none native speakers as well. Still find it amazing how much some know/understand although they can hardly speak/write a word English.

Happy day, thanks for answering 💕

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wrong account tsch

should probably clean my glasses
and my brain a little bit

Thanks, happy Monday ❤️

Rats ... answered with the wrong account logged in, how very me ...
First time i notice .... :D you can actually reply with Partiko ? I use it sometimes for daily-life stuff but i dont really use my phone for more than the occasional sms. Before steemit it was basically an expensive wi-fi enabled flashlight , very useful that thing and a camera . What constitutes nice people is highly personal ofcourse, its about finding your nich in the niche or if you're like me , a cat that walks by himself, finding spots on the wall or the roof where they don't chase you away right away

gives me quite the perspective sometimes , don't wanna say vantage point since that makes it sound like i'm sniping from a distance taking jabs at what's been said ... never been to fit in one box
not even Schroedingers but i sure as hell don't know what will come out until my mouth opens most of the time (a repeating expression in my text i think but seriously on spot)
the post will change more lol, i dont see how i can fit myself in a tweetsized profile description, pick one and then leave it there for years while my mood and life is subject to change and external pressure all the time.

I'm not sure who started the whale metafor either but i think it relates to the waves , coming from actual original finance a 'whale' make a big wave when it dumps its stuff into the ocean (as was seen last tuesday on a global scale on more than just the STEEM financial chart ...)

and here they say its a gambling thing :

makes sense too as trading crypto mostly is lol, xept for BTC because there's SO much money involved it is unlikely to go away anymore but not quite yet enough for the market to be beyond manipulation by collusion. Whoever put in 100.000 dollar on the last dip when it went almost down to 2500 now would have had quite some profit if they sold of ... but that's all so far away from my life. If cats have nine lives ive been broke for the last two and im not sure how many i have left after this one but i do know time is ticking lol

so if you know someone with a time machine ... or have family living on mars, let me know, ive been done with these 'humans' for a while ..

see you around @wakeupkitty, thanks for the replies lol, i got more action on this post than most whales get on theirs by now

take care !!!

Yes you can answer with partiko = points too

I don't know I you received my answer underneath. Post it again I had connection trouble.

This is what my life looks like and once it was 10 times more busy and misery. Actually this these posts are hardly read just like most of what I am writing.
The circle is gone for the biggest part.

At times I wonder if I am really that busy. I guess so and it explains me and being tired and having no life.

If I read my diary I also feel as if I have been here whole day, which I was, and those days are getting longer and I still miss the important news LOL.

I use. Partiko to post but also to write and edit and add a photo. Next I can copy it into @actifit or @appics. Appics is a better app if you only like to post a photo.

I like the notifications @partiko gives. Comments, mentioned, transfers separated too but I noticed not all of my replies are posted and in the past weeks there were no notifications at all.

Now I try If it loads it might work faster and saves me time.

I like Cheshire cat mainly because he is nuts and the sentence "can you stay on your head?* and it takes his head off, like the Queen too. Alice is boring and I think there is more credit given to the story as there was meant with as it was written.
It is just a boring story bout a bored girl that falls asleep and has a weird dream (like many people have).

Have a look at the game later (when it loads). Happy Monday, till the next ❤️

the reality is the beauty, thats why its so beautiful, it sounds absolutely real

true emotional vampires will latch onto that

i might alter this reply several times today

probably mostly because i dont want to lose your input

how cold that sounds

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