David Seaman Livestream - March 27, 2018

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We hear you loud and clear. PERP walks for everybody, all day, until Gitmo is packed to the gills with Luciferian globos. FULCRUM's reuse policy: due to the illegal removal of all FULCRUM/David Seaman videos from YouTube (505 videos were wiped from our archive, and YouTube terminated all 162,153 subscribers as reported by Bloomberg News and other MSM outlets), we welcome anyone to upload our content to YouTube or any other video platform or media outlet, provided your primary intent is not to disparage or undermine our work. We believe our channel MAY have been targeted, along with other large truther channels banned & disabled at the same time, as the result of a priority NSL (national security letter) issued by bad actors in the Forever Bothering Innocents or in another three letter agency - who in our garbage deep state government is misusing NSLs to silence Clinton crime and Clinton-linked pedo rings? Not okay, and we are coming down hard on Google Inc in federal court, that is our intent. This is a violation of our constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights, and a disturbing precedent. We may also include Susan Wojcicki in our legal crosshairs, as the CEO of YouTube is devastatingly mundane at best for allowing this wave of un-American censorship to go down on her watch. https://fulcrumnews.com/subscribe | https://gab.ai/d_seaman | https://gab.ai/Fulcrum_News | partner with us, earn 30% commission: https://fulcrumnews.com/affiliates | FULCRUM: The Return of REAL News!

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David Seaman is a real journalist who thinks like an entrepreneur (independent journalism, hemp, blockchain etc.). Way to go !

Voted up and resteemed for support of your cause.

Can you put in the link where to buy the hemp oil that you take? Thank you.

I noticed a few people listed in the "upvote" link .. That means they "liked" Davids words here. David, If you get to see this..... How do you feel about the rise of Antisemitism and lies about the group you identify with (The Khazarian Lie) etc.. being spread by people who benefit from "upvoting" and "friending" you.. JUuuust stopping short of calling you "controlled opposition"?