Cracking Down

in fulcrum •  2 years ago new live show tonight from Denver on Facebook LIVE be sure to check in there for the livestream at 6pm MT 8pm Eastern

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You are not the only one censored , We no longer live in America , but now we are in Natzi Germany. Free speech is in our past . Maybe one day we can get back our country and live by the Constitution .

Continue the hard work and the endless fight David, all things that are the most worth doing are also the hardest and faced with the most challenges. Many people are behind you and with you.

I love this alternative platform. I really hope it gains traction. Really tired of the youtube/google satanic monopoly

Logging in to d tube is a pain in th but but I finally did it! You are worth it!!

Hey David! I don’t have a Facebook—but I have heard a tip, you need to tell people here and wherever (there too), that they need to go to their Newsfeed Settings and put Fulcrum in the top (choose to always see), otherwise FB will absolutely never let you pop up in a users feed because they start the settings from their control. People need to see that they can change those settings.

You can be proud of being "banned". Like being banned from HoffPost for telling the Truth about Hillary, you are surely gaining more and more CREDIBILITY.

Sorry, but I refuse to do FB.