Fukushima News; 8 year anniversary of the greatest crime in human history.

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Every day for 2922 days 300 tons of radioactive nuclear waste has contaminated the Pacific Ocean. It took less than 5 years to spread across the entire ocean. More dead whales have died and washed up on shore in the last 8 years post Fukushima then all of the previous 200 years before that! Not one but TWO Blue Whales have now washed up on shore of the west coast post Fukushima. Never EVER in history has a dead blue whale wash up on shore let alone two of them and both within a year apart of each other. The historic tide pools along the entire west coast are DEAD! I've seen them with my own eyes! I've filmed them. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is dying. Cesium-137 has been found in the oranges down in Florida. There is NO ESCAPE! The damage has been done. The radiation is everywhere.

Did they use HAARP to create the earthquake that created the tsunami that hit the reactors 8 years ago? Was Benghazi used as a diversion to distract us from Fukushima? They both happened around the same time. Think about it...


The latest from Kevin Blanch and the Post Ignorance Project.

18 year old star Japanese athlete Rikako Ikee has Luekemia.

You can support Kevin's historic work here:

Where were you 8 years ago? I remember where I was. Kevin Blanch has been reporting news about Fukushima since day one of the disaster. Here is Kevin's epic rant from 8 years ago today.

This is Kevin's report from 4/3/11. There is Plutonium flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

2 years ago on the 6th anniversary of Fukushima, I protested with Lonnie Clark outside the public library in Eugene Oregon. You can support Lonnie Clark here:

This was the video Lonnie and I made before the library kicked us off of the public property violating our free speech rights because some gun grabbing Tide Pod eaters were offended by my sign.

So on a more personal note, FUCK THE EUGENE PUBLIC LIBRARY! I hope the next staged George Soro's funded mass shooting takes place there. It's a gun free zone so please kill ALL of those helpless unarmed Bernie Sanders supporting, Pokemon Go playing, Tide Pod eaters. I'd pay money to watch that shit! I mean come on! It's Eugene Oregon where it's FULL of these fucking snowflakes.

I'm glad this was my last day in Eugene. I have never been happier leaving the west coast. At the same time I'm sure you fuckers reading this shit who live on the west coast are glad I fucking left. The feelings mutual! So it's a win win for all of us. YEAH!

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Kevin 2 years ago when I was passing through Ogden Utah after leaving Eugene. This was the video we made (not my best). My Tourette's was acting up in this video because I was so excited to meet him. So folks this is what some non-vocal tics look like. Notice how I'm grabbing my hands and wrists clamping them together while biting down. I'm suppressing tics when I do this.

Here is my own footage from the dead tide pools 3 years ago on the Oregon coast. 6/23/16

Happy 8 years of 300 tons of nuclear waste going into the Pacific Ocean Day!!!

I'll be back with another rant soon when we hit day 3000.

Sleep tight shitizens.

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Came across this article this morning on Olympics in Japan. SAD sad world ...


Great minds think alike! I think I just posted the same article above HA HA. Too late to edit it into my post. Figured it would make a better comment.

8 years after the disaster, not a single location will take the millions of cubic meters of radioactive soil that remains.

And just where do you think they are going to dump these big black bags full of this radioactive soil???

Full story here.

rolls eyes nothing going on here right? A friend and i where just speaking about this the other day. .

Seriously messed up

Biggest disaster of all time ....so far...

Kevin's 2nd 8 year anniversary video:

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