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Petroleum is a fossil fuel mainly used nowadays, but do you know what the formation of it and what the products made?

It is formed from the dead bodies of marine creatures and plants, with bacterial reaction, under high pressure and temperature for a long period of time. It is a black viscous liquid, which is difficult to be transferred from one container to another. Also, it is hard to be burnt. As a result, we should do sth on petroleum industrially. Otherwise, all the products of it will not exist.

We will do fractional distillation (oil refinery) on it in order to separate fractions of petroleum. We burn it in 400 degree Celsius to vaporize it, and different gases will condense in different fractions because they have different boiling point. Below is a table showing various fractions and their respective uses.

FractionBoiling point range (degree Celsius)Main uses
Refinery gasesBelow 40LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
Petrol40-70motor car fuel
Kerosene170-250fuel for aircraft
Diesel oil or gas oil250-340fuel for diesel machines in lorries or trains
Lubricating oil or waxes340-500greases of machine, candles
Fuel oilover 500fuel for ships and oil-burning power stations
Bitumenover 500road surfacing

I hope that you will not be confessed about petroleum after reading this article.

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